Accelerate Sales Workflows with Docusign Using Microsoft Copilot for Sales

Today’s sellers have an enormous amount of information available to them. At any time, they can search for details about any particular individual or organisation using a CRM platform, an email inbox, an agreement library and dozens of other systems of record. All that data can be extremely valuable during sales calls or email outreach. However, it isn’t helpful if it can’t be found in real time.

That’s why Microsoft built Copilot for Sales. It’s an AI-powered solution that connects to systems of record across the organisation and dynamically surfaces relevant information to sellers within the tools they use every day, such as Outlook, Teams, and Word. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that Docusign is one of the first integrations with Microsoft Copilot for Sales. That means that sellers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales or Salesforce Sales Cloud have the power to instantly improve emails or meetings with vital details from their agreement library when using Copilot for Sales. No more switching between multiple tools or multiple screens. No more long pauses to look up account information. Copilot for Sales will intelligently surface details about Docusign agreements related to the relevant CRM record within the seller’s collaboration app to provide instant access to relevant agreement information and more. It helps sellers write better emails, have more detailed conversations and close deals easier.

Screenshot of Docusign integration in Microsoft Copilot for Sales

For example, if a seller is writing an email to a prospect in Microsoft Outlook, Copilot for Sales can search through their connected Docusign agreement library and surface relevant information about existing contracts with that prospect’s organisation. Whether that information is about previous contracts or current negotiations, the seller doesn’t need to leave Outlook to search for that information. Instead, Copilot for Sales will provide an agreement overview with basic details like the parties involved and the status of a document. If the seller wants to find specific information, they can even click into the Docusign envelope to look up terms, dates, dollar amounts and more.

If a prospect is in the middle of a negotiation, the seller will be able to access details about the ongoing agreement progress so they always have the most up-to-date information when they reach out. If a conversation stalls for a while, sellers can use Copilot for Sales as a cheat sheet to see details about the most recent agreement terms, verify that an individual has signed an NDA and more.

“Microsoft Copilot for Sales empowers employees to prioritise the work that is the most rewarding and meaningful,” said Jason Brommet, Head of Modern Work and Surface, Americas, at Microsoft. “The Docusign integration keeps sellers in their flow of work, nurturing their relationships rather than digging through agreements to find basic information. It’s an intelligent technological solution to one of sales’ most pressing challenges.”

By combining Copilot for Sales and Docusign, sales teams can make more connections and improve the quality of each one. The overall effect of the integration will be a smoother seller experience and a faster sales cycle.

Accelerating the sales cycle with AI

Copilot for Sales does more than provide sellers with quick access to basic details about Docusign agreements. Using generative AI powered by Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft also enables several new agreement-related advances.

Copilot for Sales can use proprietary large language models to generate blocks of email copy or summarise long emails for a seller. Copilot for Sales will uncover insights and context buried in language and present that information to sellers in language that is conversational, which can be incredibly helpful during sales calls. By combining that robust background information with instant access to Docusign agreement details, sellers can be sure that they’ll have all the information they need for a successful conversation with any prospect or customer.

Based on a seller’s individual connections, permissions and projects, Copilot for Sales will find patterns and provide more useful information as adoption increases. AI systems collect data and provide insights based on this data, so the more your team uses Copilot for Sales, the better it will get at meeting your team’s selling needs. Docusign is proud to be a part of that ever-improving system of information that will make everyday selling tasks more efficient and more personal.

Learn more about how your team can use the Docusign integration for Copilot for Sales or talk to one of our experts about how the integration can impact your selling workflow.