A Comprehensive Toolkit to Accelerate Your Contract Process

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Delivering a multichannel, mobile-friendly, consistent experience is critical for organizations like yours to keep up with changing expectations from customers, employees and partners alike.

One of the best opportunities to deliver a modern customer experience is in the contract process. Disconnected and manual steps can increase expenses, slow your business down, cause confusion and lead to frustration for both senders and signers. In fact, today’s companies lose 8.6% of contract value due to ineffective agreement management, according to a Deloitte study.

Our new Business Acceleration Package provides powerful, easy-to-use functionality that speeds up agreement preparation and completion, while offering customers a more flexible signing experience. All of this ensures you aren’t leaving money on the table. This package helps your business:

  • Speed up time-to-signature: Get agreements signed faster while boosting completion rates.
  • Reduce cost and create efficiency: Optimize and automate every step of your workflow from preparation to signature. 
  • Increase both flexibility and control: Access more flexible options for routing, visibility, access and record-keeping.

Accelerate deployment, drive adoption and realize value faster by taking advantage of additional Docusign services and support, specifically designed to help you quickly and efficiently accelerate your critical business processes.

What’s included in the Business Acceleration Package

Advanced Workflows

This collection of powerful features help you simplify and streamline necessary actions and tasks. Advanced Workflows include a number of features that achieve the following:

Speed and efficiency 

  • Conditional Routing lets you automatically route an envelope to different people based on envelope data, eliminating the need to manually configure the envelope routing.
  • Shared Access to Envelopes ensures the agreement process keeps moving forward while critical people are out of the office or unavailable. It works by allowing those key stakeholders to delegate managing, editing or sending of envelopes on their behalf to other colleagues. 
  • Signing Groups enable you to send an envelope to a predefined group of recipients and have any one member of the group sign your documents. This is fantastic for legal approval, where any member of the legal team can approve important contracts and documents. 


  • Delayed Routing adds hold periods between recipients in an envelope's routing order. It’s great at providing flexibility and adding important control over the envelope workflow. 


  • Document Visibility is used to control which files a recipient can view; it’s great if you send envelopes containing multiple files, some of which shouldn’t be viewed by all recipients. 
  • Supplemental Docs are used to provide additional information to recipients that don’t require signature on an agreement, such as legal disclosures or terms and conditions. 
  • Email Archive allows an account to set up email addresses that automatically receive copies of Docusign email notifications for record-keeping purposes.

SMS Delivery

Reach signers instantly with eSignature SMS Delivery. Speed up your business transactions with real-time notifications sent directly to a recipient's mobile device. This enables them to quickly open and electronically sign documents from virtually anywhere.

Document Generation for eSignature

Save time and improve the signer experience with Document Generation for eSignature. Quickly prepare professional-looking, tailored agreements, all without unaligned text or mismatched fonts. This feature dynamically inserts data into your agreement, and relevant content can be hidden or displayed based on the data inserted. 

Who is the Business Acceleration Package for?


With SMS Delivery for eSignature, reach customers where they are, speed up the agreement process and close deals quicker to increase your bottom line. Shared access to envelopes means deals get done even if critical people are out of office or unavailable. Sales teams with Docusign eSignature report an 8% increase in win rates and a 41% decrease in time to close deals.

Human Resources (HR)

Get the professional, polished appearance you need from your agreements every time you send. Document Generation ensures your onboarding agreements are prepared efficiently and error-free. SMS Delivery for eSignature increases speed to completion for candidate NDAs and offer letters.


Supplemental Docs, which is great for providing additional information on legal disclosures and terms and conditions, is a well-loved feature for lawyers and paralegals, while Signing Groups gives you the flexibility to designate a group from the legal team, any of whom can approve important contracts and documents.


Delayed Routing, which puts a hold period in place between recipients, is especially helpful for industries like mortgage lending with specific regulations in place for grace periods.


Conditional Routing, which lets you send an envelope to specific approvers based on envelope data, and allows you to automate designated routing for vendor agreements with multiple approvers, such as contingent workers or enterprise services. 

Docusign Business Acceleration Package

Feel the need for speed? Check out our Business Acceleration Package to learn how you can accelerate your contract process today for improved efficiency and maximum ROI.