Tipalti Speeds Up Document Generation in Salesforce

Salespeople should be spending most of their time doing what they do best: talking to prospects and customers, and growing revenue. But when they get bogged down with complex administrative duties like document generation, revenue takes a hit—as does their quota and compensation. And that’s not good for anyone.

This was the problem faced by Tipalti, a leading accounts payable automation solution. On the bright side, the company was seeing rocket ship growth. But this growth was also exposing sales inefficiencies at the organization, which needed to be solved to ensure future financial success.

For Tipalti, one significant challenge was preparing order forms for new sales. Fixing this problem meant not only automating the process, but also making sure it was contained within the interface salespeople used most: Salesforce.

With Docusign Gen for Salesforce, Tipalti was able to transform its document generation process from 35 steps down to 5-10. That’s about 70% fewer steps to get an order form to customers. For salespeople, that means no more guesswork, no more fumbling between disconnected systems, and more deals closed faster than ever.

Read Tipalti’s story to learn how the company did it and take a detailed look at the order form creation process used today!