Spring Has Sprung: Docusign for School Administrators

Being a school administrator means juggling multiple tasks at once.

From enrollment applications to invoices to fundraising forms and more, there’s no shortage of paperwork needing to be processed to keep the school moving at top speed. 

In our first Spring Break blog post, we explored how teachers can leverage Docusign to make their workday easier and more productive.

Today, we’ll be looking at how school administrators can also benefit from swapping in paper forms for Docusign.

Work in a school office? Here are just some of the ways you can dramatically increase your efficiency and lower costs at the same time:


Enrollment Applications

Enrollment Agreement

Verification Forms

Campus Housing Application

Application Fee


Early Decision Agreement

Admission Deferral Form

Residence Questionnaire

Alumni Relations

Membership Forms

Donation Requests

Fundraising Forms

Diploma & Certificate Reissue


Student Career Relations: Non

Disclosure Agreements

Student Loan Deferment Forms

Reunion Reimbursements

Asset Tracking

Change Requests

Requirements Sign Off

Access Management

Incident Reporting

Production Change


Maintenance Authorization

Real Estate Approval



Contract Management

Internal Compliance

Shareholder Agreements

Licensing Agreements

Patent Applications

Memoranda of Understanding


Invoice Processing;

Expense Processing

Capitalization Management

Audit Sign Off

Policy Management

Asset Transfer/Retirement

Grant Applications

Inventory Sign Off


Master Service Agreements

Purchase Orders

Statements of Work


Vendor Contracts

Supplier Compliance

Service Level Agreements

Software License Agreements

Curious to know more about how to leverage Docusign for your school or university? Read on here.

For additional industry best practices and use cases, you can review the “Digital Adoption Playbook: Higher Education” in Docusign’s Knowledge Market.”

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