Spring Break for Teachers, Students, and Parents in the Digital Age

They say time is even more valuable than money -- because you can get more money, but you can never get more time.

Or can you?

It’s no secret that all around the world, businesses have dramatically slashed their contract turnaround time from weeks to days -- or even hours -- by swapping out paper processes for digital.

But what about individuals? One surefire way is to remove the tedious tasks from life that bog us down is by leveraging Docusign. In honor of spring, we’re putting out a blog series with quick tips on how individuals can use Docusign. In this installment, we’re highlighting a few ways teachers, specifically, can use Docusign to help complete everyday tasks with more efficiency -- both in the springtime and year-round. 

Signed note: Want to communicate with parents promptly regarding their children’s absence from class? Docusign works from all the apps you already know and use every day like Gmail, Outlook, and more. With Docusign, parents can easily send you and other school administrators school notes in just a few taps from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Certainly beats the alternative of notes forever lost in backpacks or lockers.

Permission slips: Did your one of your students forget their permission slip? That’s what Docusign is for: You can easily send a permission slip directly to all parents using Docusign’s Bulk Send feature. Recipients can easily provide you with a legally-binding signature – even at the last minute. Which means no student will have to endure the dreaded fate of studying alone in the library while the rest of their class is off at the interactive science museum.

Parent survey: Looking to collaborate with the school administration and/or parents on  the learning experience? With Docusign, you can upload a survey and send for signature in a matter of minutes from any device. Moreover, with Docusign’s Comments feature, you can communicate in real-time with recipients, take suggestions, and make edits. Docusign won't just make the process faster, it will allow prompt, constructive collaboration.

Report cards: Ever have students who lose their report cards? With Docusign, you can sign and send report cards directly to parents. Unlike mailing or handing out in-person, Docusign allows you to know precisely when each parent receives and opens the report.

These are just a few of the many uses for Docusign in the classroom. Have other ideas on how to leverage the easy and simplicity of eSignature? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

To learn more about Docusign for Individuals, click here.

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