Simplify and accelerate agreements with Dropbox Extensions

Any time that we can simply life and accelerate business for our users around the world, we will. And that’s why today is an exciting day: we get to showcase our latest integration with our partner, Dropbox, in the form of ‘Dropbox Extensions’.

With Dropbox Extensions, users can seamlessly kick off their most popular Docusign workflows directly from files within Dropbox. They can start content-based workflows—such as taking a contract from first to final draft and sending directly through Docusign—with no uploading, downloading or scanning. And they can continue to send documents for signature from Dropbox folders using Docusign directly.

We’re expecting this integration to be generally available by the end of November—more on that soon. Once live, just look for the “open with” button next to your files, and you’ll simply need to log in to Docusign and Dropbox before you can initiate a sending session. Here’s how it works:

      • Seamlessly kick-off workflows—like submitting contracts for e-signature and editing documents —directly from files in Dropbox.
      • Surface relevant actions supported by Docusign from within Dropbox, so you can quickly move work forward without disruption.
      • Save files back to the same place in Dropbox, ensuring content stays current and everyone has access to the most recent version of your work.
      • Gets your team up and running quickly. There’s no set-up required to connect Docusign with Dropbox — just look for the “open with” button next to your files.

For more information on features and availability, visit here.

Happy DocuSigning! 

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