Introducing Signing Insights for eSignature

Organizations are capturing data on business agreements on a daily basis - whether it’s  sales contracts or lending documents - but a lot of this data is not sufficient to drive effective decision making. According to Forrester, on average, 60% to 73% of all data within an enterprise goes unused for analytics. Yet, the ability to access and utilize actionable insights offers indisputable organizational benefits like improved efficiency, more effective decision making and better financial performance. 

At Docusign, our core mission is to help customers keep their business moving forward. Since a big part of that is having actionable data at your fingertips, we’re excited to announce Signing Insights for eSignature. Signing Insights is a new data visualization tool that will help admins better understand signer behavior. 

Organizations will now have access to new data points, such as the ability to see insights on the signer journey filtered by templates, powerforms, devices, browsers used and more. These newly exposed data points will help identify where signers are having difficulties in the signing journey and potentially dropping off. These insights can then be used to optimize the signer journey and increase agreement completion rates. For example, an admin can see that a certain template's signers have an unusually high drop-off rate at the beginning of the signing session. The admin can then focus on improving the template's usability to increase completion rates.

With Signing Insights you will be able to:

  1. Easily identify patterns in signing behavior with powerful data visualizations 
  2. Uncover actionable insights with granular data filters 
  3. Enable self-service analytics with an easy-to-use dashboard

Uncover deep insights that drive better results. Signing Insights gives you a rich understanding of your signers so you can provide better signing experiences. Leverage powerful data visualizations that anyone can use, quickly pinpoint patterns and go deeper with a robust set of filters. Now you can turn data into action.

To learn more about Signing Insights check out the user guide.  A phased rollout will begin today and will be complete over the coming weeks.

Yasamin Yousefi
E-Signature Expert