Sign More Contracts Faster by Using Less Paper

By Fred Raker

No one needs a tutorial on the value of their sales department. But everyone needs to understand that when this vital cog in your business machine is being powered by paper-based processes, serious issues abound—slow close rates, poor customer experiences, and wasted time, to name but a painful few.

All that printing, faxing, scanning, and mailing of contracts for everything from joint ventures and distribution partnerships to reseller agreements is maddening. Add in all those days—make that, weeks—for documents to be signed and returned and you’re looking at subtracting major revenue.

What’s more, the seemingly endless piles of paperwork translate to an unbearable amount of busywork. This inhibits your sales team from providing top-tier service to current customers and, in turn, from turning prospects into future customers.

Okay, enough gloom and doom. You have the power to give your totally inefficient system an extreme makeover, creating an incomparably sleek, streamlined model in the process. Discover how by scoping out Docusign’s “Digital Sales Guide: Transform Your Business.”  

It’s chock full of useful use cases, such as sales order processing and CRM optimization. You’ll also be treated to success stories from major corporations like Comcast, Yamaha, and Du Pont who have benefited from digital in innumerable ways, including:

  • 80% reduction in customer contract completion time
  • 2 days to close a deal with 60% done in 15 minutes
  • $10k in delivery costs cut per month

Download this sales eBook to learn more now.

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