Docusign Salesforce Extension App: Now in Beta

At Momentum24 earlier this year, we introduced Docusign Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM) and outlined exciting new offerings, including the Docusign App Center. With the App Center, you can discover and install apps to extend your agreement processes.

Today, we’re announcing the open beta release for the Salesforce Extension App. We know how important it is to connect critical business systems like Salesforce CRM to agreement processes. We’re excited to offer this new solution as a way to streamline the end-to-end experience by simplifying agreement workflows with Salesforce.

Although quote-to-cash is a core process for many businesses, streamlining it is not easy. With the new Salesforce Extension App, creating a self-service quote-to-cash workflow has never been easier. That simplified process is a new way to close deals faster, reducing churn, eliminating inefficiency, and minimizing revenue leakage.

The Docusign Salesforce Extension App allows you to automate your agreement processes by creating a custom workflow in Maestro. The extension app enables the seamless flow of data back and forth across tools in your agreement workflow, with the ability to read from and write back to Salesforce. 

The capabilities of our no-code Maestro workflow builder tool go far beyond basic eSignature. Maestro’s ease of use and flexibility make it easy to connect your business processes to Docusign products—such as Web Forms, IDV—and other 3rd party applications. 

We’re also offering a beta onboarding program to support customers with more complex use cases that need onboarding services help.

Key features of the Salesforce Extension App open beta

Read from Salesforce

This module accelerates closing time by prefilling agreements with data from Salesforce records. You can also pull recipient information from Salesforce contacts for use in the signing process. This not only reduces manual and lengthy data entry steps (one of the main reasons customers abandon digital experiences), but also makes it much faster for customers to review and sign documents!

Write back to Salesforce

This module facilitates a streamlined downstream process by automatically updating fields or creating new Salesforce records without any manual work or human touch. 

(Coming soon) Multi-Connections

This feature allows you to establish connections to any Salesforce instances in your organization. It supports connection to both sandbox and production instances.

Join us in building the future

The release of the Docusign Salesforce Extension App is a significant milestone in our mission to bring agreements to life! By introducing this extension app, we will deliver a seamless integration experience that lets your team work faster and smarter. Together, we hope to drive forward the future of Docusign IAM! 

If this sounds interesting to you, join our Docusign Salesforce Extension App Open Beta. To get started, visit the Salesforce Extension App listing page on Docusign App Center and log in to start the installation. 

To join our Docusign Salesforce Beta onboarding program, register here.

For more information, see our Using Docusign Maestro for Salesforce documentation.

Lawan Likitpunpisit
Lead Product Manager
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