National Small Business Week Customer Spotlight: Kasa

Kasa Solutions is a practice management software that enables mental health professionals manage their private practice by providing credential, billing, and design services. One of Kasa Solution’s core beliefs is that mental health professional should be focused on serving their clients, so they are focused on creating an onboarding experience that eliminates the time-intensive administrative paper processes.

By incorporating Docusign into the customer onboarding process, Kasa reduced its new customer onboarding time by over 50%.  Instead of printing, signing, and faxing paper agreements, patients and therapists can simply e-sign.  Kasa boasts a five star rating on Capterra, partly due to the customer centric enabled by Docusign.

Top Use Case: New customer contracts

“I had a new customer comment on how impressed they were that we use Docusign. Being in the technology space, it provided credibility to using technology to do something simple like signing a contract agreement.”

Ben Fuehrer, Account Executive

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