At DocuSign, one of our most crucial goals is to propel technology forward. An equally important goal, however, is to empower worthy causes with our technology. Last year at our annual Momentum conference, approximately 60 developers from around the globe joined forces with Team Rubicon to help develop an app to aid in disaster relief.

This year, we’re planning an even bigger and better Hack-for-Good to benefit TechBridge Girls, an Oakland-based nonprofit committed to empowering the next generation of female innovators by providing them with the encouragement, mentorship, and opportunities they need to foster their passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  

The event is part of the larger Hackathon, a complimentary event for developers to exercise their skills in a series of challenges and compete to win the grand prize of $2500. (Each challenge will have a prize as well, and total prizes will exceed $7500 in value). One challenge will enable teams of developers to compete and “hack-for-good” to create the best mobile app for TechBridge.

“The ideal solution the hackers will be working towards is a mobile app where volunteers, parents, or even the girls themselves can access and sign the forms needed to participate in TechBridge Girls,” said Aaron Liao, Director of Developer Evangelism at DocuSign. “The forms will automatically get pushed to Salesforce via our DocuSign for Salesforce connector. From then on, they will exist as permanent digital documents that both the signer and recipient can review in the future.”

This end-to-end solution couldn’t come at a better time. Currently, TechBridge Girls relies on a traditional wet signature workflow where girls and their parents/guardians need to sign consent forms, waivers, etc. These forms are then manually scanned into Salesforce by one person. Coincidentally, TechBridge already uses Salesforce as their CRM. Thus, it can be leveraged as part of this hack. “The perfect hackathon entry will combine all these things to create an end-to-end solution,” said Liao.

The TechBridge Girls themselves will also be closely involved in the process. A group of students will experience, firsthand, what goes on behind the scenes in app development. They’ll also serve as judges for Hackathon challenges.

“For me, this is particularly interesting and fulfilling,” said Liao. “TechBridge is committed to helping underrepresented girls get into schools and careers in STEM. One of the best ways to help achieve these goals is through immersion in a real-life tech environment.”

TechBridge Girls’ attendance at our Hackathon is not our first collaboration, nor will it be our last: In February, a group of students attended our annual Sales Kick Off (SKO) conference to receive 1:1 mentorship, engage in hands-on learning activities, and more. TechBridge Girls will be working closely with DocuSign IMPACT to arrange field trips to our Seattle and San Francisco offices this fall.

Want to attend our Hack-for-Good, learn more about our Hackathon, or our Developer Zone at Momentum?  Click here for a full agenda, registration info, and more.