Momentum 2018 Agenda: Designed By You, For You

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Momentum 2018 is the business acceleration event of the year. From June 20-21, some of the brightest minds in the tech industry will be gathering in San Francisco to network on how to make a digital transformation and propel their businesses forward.

Every business is unique -- and so are its goals. With our agenda builder, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own custom Momentum experience.

From Docusign University labs, to Docusign University Learning and Enablement, to Track Keynotes to networking breakfasts, Momentum 2018 is designed to help you accelerate your business into the digital age and return home with practical, applicable tools that will allow your business to not just succeed -- but thrive.

Below is a first look inside our four content tracks:

Business Acceleration: This content track is designed to help you propel your company into the digital age. Sessions will be catered to a variety of distinct industries and departments, and focus on how to best leverage the Docusign technology to suit your business’ goals. Breakouts will include “Customer Insights: Transforming Your HR Business Processes,” “A Customer View: Navigating Compliance Hurdles in Regulated Industries,” “The Path Toward Digital Mortgage” and many more. You can view all Business Acceleration sessions here.

Product Power: The Docusign technology is simple enough to begin using right away, yet nuanced and powerful enough to meet virtually any of your business’ needs when coming to agreement. Product Power sessions will focus on the multitude of features Docusign as to offer. Breakouts will include “Docusign University: Branding a Docusign Account,” “Compliance Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences,” “Docusign University: Docusign for Salesforce Merge Fields and Anchors,” and more. You can view all Product Power sessions here.

Partner Sessions: Docusign partners have access to a number of valuable resources at Momentum 2018, including the Partner Portal, and the secret word is modernize a variety of breakouts -- from “Partner Session: Partner Best Practices Panel,” and the Partner Executive Kickoff. Learn more about our partner resources here.  

Developer Reverb: Momentum 2018 is focused on making our developer breakouts bigger and better than ever before. Sessions will include “Integrating Docusign and Salesforce using Apex and Lightning,” “Intro to the Docusign eSignature API,” and more. And of course, we’ll also be holding our 24-hour Developer Hackathon from June 9-10.   

Curious to know more about designing your own custom agenda? Everything you need to know about building your own Momentum 2018 custom experience is right here.

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