Meet the DocuSign Team at BoxWork 2013 to see how apps use DocuSign API for legally binding paperwork and to win some prizes!  We are very excited to be a part of an event where future thinking Cloud and Mobile applications showcase their new features. It’s especially amazing to see how many of the BoxWorks sponsors have stopped faxing and printing and now use DocuSign Platform to Keep Business Digital™
During the show you will be able to meet DocuSign Team both in the main expo and in the developer area where you can ask questions, get help and look under the hood of some of the integrations that are already making use of the DocuSign API.  Just in the Platinum and Gold sponsorship list NetSuite, Okta, SugarCRM, AppDirect and Good all have native integrations with our eSignature Platform.
We also hope you can make it to the sessions where we are going to be sharing our experience in building Mobile and Cloud applications:
  • Matt Malden – Mobile CIO Breakout Panel – 2pm Tues Sept 17
  • Mike Borozdin – Five Enterprise APIs that are Changing Business Breakout Panel – 11am Mon Sept 16
  • John Hsieh – Mobile Security Breakout Panel – 10:45am Tues Sept 17
Last but not least we will have special care packages for developers who put together demos or mashups with our API.  Stay tuned for more information about this…
Hope to see you there!