Introducing Docusign Payment via PayPal

Today at Docusign we announced our launch of instant payments through PayPal for any Docusign transaction. Docusign Payment helps you get signatures on contracts, agreements, and other legally binding documents and collect payment simultaneously to finish business and capture revenue faster.

We are thrilled to work with PayPal on this new benefit for you, our customers. You asked us to provide even more ways to streamline transactions to help you finish business faster – and better. Payments and signatures go hand in hand, so this was a natural and exciting next step to continue our momentum as the global standard for eSignature.

Docusign Payment will help global enterprises, small- to mid-sized businesses, and individual professionals:

  • Accelerate transactions– Docusign Payment speeds up transactions with the fastest way to get a signature and process a payment simultaneously.
  • Increase speed to revenue – Docusign Payment processes transactions within seconds via PayPal so you can capture revenue and begin product and service delivery sooner.
  • Delight your customers – With Docusign your customers can sign documents and pay from any browser or mobile device. That makes every kind of business transaction faster, easier, and more convenient than ever.

Through our new integration with PayPal, you’ll be able to collect payments from customers, partners, suppliers, and others as they Docusign documents – with no additional programming, coding, or IT involvement. As a Docusign customer you can quickly add Docusign Payment and connect to your PayPal account using Docusign’s web interface or using Docusign’s robust, standards-based API.

During the transaction, your signers will complete the normal DocuSigning steps and will be prompted to provide payment. Signers who don’t have a PayPal account can quickly set one up within the signing process, or opt to pay with a credit card, including Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, and Discover®.

Docusign Payment will be available with our April product release as an optional add-on to Docusign Pro, Business and Enterprise editions.

Thanks to all of our customers for your feedback. Your insights help us continuously enhance our product and service offerings to deliver the easiest, fastest, most secure global network for sending, signing, tracking, and storing documents – and now collecting payment in the cloud.