4 Ways to Improve Team Collaboration in Docusign eSignature

No matter what kind of business you’re in, one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is how best to get everyone working on the same page to send, sign and manage agreements in an efficient and timely manner without any hiccups.

Let’s face it, contracts can be a difficult and complicated process with their legal language and terms, the typical back-and-forth reviews between parties, and finally negotiating payments.

Docusign eSignature helps manage those workflows, keeps the process moving forward without interruption, and makes sure that everyone involved is informed along the way in real-time.

Additionally, Docusign eSignature provides your team with in-process communication capabilities where questions and concerns can be addressed on-the-fly, designees can be inserted into the process to fill in for signees or approvers thereby avoiding any delays, and repetitive documents can be easily templatized to limit redundancy.

Improve Team Collaboration in Contract Workflows

By integrating Docusign eSignature into your contract workflows, you’ll transform your internal team collaboration while improving your customer satisfaction.

Real-time comments

No matter how hard you try, there are always questions that arise while reviewing and signing documents and agreements. In Docusign eSignature, questions can be instantly addressed thanks to real-time comment notifications—like when your team brings in a freelance contractor and you want clarification in the doc about what kind of projects they’ll be working on. Additionally, all conversations are tracked and retained for historical record keeping.

Delegated Signing

We’ve all been there: you're going through your last minute to-do list before you head out the door for that long-awaited vacation.The one thing you forget to do? Set an out-of-office email notification. Fortunately, with eSignature, you can designate someone else to cover for you and sign on your behalf so that document execution continues uninterrupted.

Envelope Sharing

When you’ve got tons of documents flooding out the door, it’s great to have others involved in the process. eSignature envelope sharing brings more hands on deck, allowing you to select individuals that can review, correct, resend, and manage the contract workflow—whether it’s to cover vacations or when key stakeholders are unavailable.

Creating and Sharing Templates

Let’s face it: you’ve probably got a bunch of forms and documents that you use over and over and/or have slight variations from other documents, right? So, templatize them. With eSignature, it’s easy. So now forms you frequently use for suppliers and new hires as well as HR request documents like extended or parental leave can be templatized and completed in no time.  And once you’ve created the templates, you can share them with your team so that everyone works more efficiently.

To see how your team can collaborate on agreements better, try out Docusign today with our free trial.

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