Empowering ISVs: Solving 4 Key Customer Needs with Embedded Signing

Independent software vendors (ISVs) are doing business in a modern landscape full of digital documents. By embedding electronic signature functionality into your software, you have a chance to stand out from the competition by offering a seamless, all-digital agreement experience for your customers. It’s an easy way to provide a reliable, safe signature experience without requiring them to switch systems.

In this blog, we’ll pinpoint specific customer needs that embedded signing can meet, then explore some of the reasons that make Docusign the best partner for your team and your customers. If your organization is evaluating e-signature providers or deciding whether to embed that functionality in your software, here are some ideas to consider.

1. Your customers trust Docusign eSignature to securely manage important information

As more business agreements are generated, completed and stored in the cloud, organizations need to safeguard their data to minimize risk. In industries or departments where compliance and regulatory concerns impact document workflows, it’s imperative that you find an e-signature provider you (and your customers) can trust with sensitive documents.

Docusign consistently meets the stringent security requirements of even the most security-conscious organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, the world’s largest financial institutions and the U.S. Federal Government. Your customers are familiar with the Docusign name and recognize that it means they can send and sign with peace of mind.

To meet even the most rigorous security concerns, eSignature offers multiple ways to verify a signer’s identity, including email addresses, SMS authentication, ID verification, one-time access codes and more. After a signature is completed, digital audit trails that follow Public Key Infrastructure protocols are used to confirm a signature’s validity. eSignature also creates an automatic record of all actions taken on a document, including the time it was received, opened and signed. This documentation gives your organization a complete audit trail for compliance and legal admissibility purposes. 

2. Your customers want the easy e-signatures that only Docusign offers

In the digital marketplace, consumers naturally compare services across products and industries. If they use a convenient, fast and flexible signature process in one transaction, they’ll expect it in another. More importantly, any signature tool that falls short of that experience will stand out as especially painful.

Docusign is the biggest name in e-signature. Consumers use it to accept new jobs, purchase housing, submit insurance paperwork, access government programs and a lot more. That fast, simple signing experience is a shortcut that delights your customers. Signing forms is one of the first steps in the customer journey, and meeting customers’ digital expectations with a modern signature experience is the ultimate competitive differentiator.

Embedded eSignature allows you to easily integrate our world-class technology directly into your solution. Your team will experience a reduction in errors, fewer delays and less confusion. Your customers will be able to send and sign documents at any time, from anywhere on a wide variety of devices.

3. Your customers need to know their vendors are using innovative, smart tools

When consumers do business with an ISV, they expect accurate account information to be available in seconds at every interaction—including initial purchase, account provisioning, upgrades, customer support, contract renewal, etc. Blending and surfacing all that information is complicated.

Since e-signature is often a key factor in the first interaction customers have with your team, it’s also a great way to showcase a well-connected data infrastructure that will assure customers they’re working with an innovative partner. Docusign has 400+ prebuilt integrations to common tools (such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Slack and SAP) and an award-winning API to Customize your embedded signing experience further.

eSignature is an easy onramp to connecting and automating the entire agreement process. With Docusign’s suite of products, eSignature can be the first step to automating and connecting the entire agreement process. It works with more than a dozen other Docusign applications to provide customers with the most modern system of agreement on the market.

4. Your customers prefer to do business with sustainable partners

In today’s hypercompetitive consumer space, it’s never been more important to publicly align business practices with consumers’ personal preferences. With so much attention paid to eliminating environmental waste, e-signature is a simple step to minimize waste and emissions.

From the very beginning, environmental sustainability has been an important part of the Docusign story. eSignature alone has replaced tens of billions of pieces of paper, along with significant amounts of the waste, water, carbon and wood required to make that paper. We believe that Docusign has an important role in creating a low-carbon, sustainable future.

When evaluating e-signature providers, make sure you ask how potential vendors are demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability and supporting their local communities. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Docusign reached carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy use across operations in 2022
  • Since 2003, Docusign has helped hundreds of millions of people around the world replace over 73 billion sheets of paper with digital processes that do not require paper
  • Docusign for Forests has committed over $2.5 million to organizations doing critical work to preserve the world’s forests, including a $1 million commitment to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation

If your team wants to give customers the easiest modern agreement experience, Docusign is the only choice. For more than 20 years, we’ve pioneered and largely defined the e-signature category.

Embedded signing puts the power of Docusign directly into your software, enhancing your digital workflows, eliminating manual steps and offering world-class customer experience from end to end. Let anyone sign proposals, quotes, contracts and more with a trustworthy digital partner. 

Learn more about embedded eSignature for ISV Partners.

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