Why I’m Proud to Sign On With Docusign

When I talked to friends and family over the holidays about my excitement to join Docusign in the New Year, I was astonished by the response. One after another would comment: “Docusign? I love Docusign.”

People’s enthusiasm for Docusign matched my own in every instance. Whether it’s buying a house, closing a deal to meet quota, or signing a parent permission slip for a school field trip, people have a very real and very strong connection with this company and its products.

And it makes sense. Docusign helps you take care of important things quickly, easily and securely – so you can get to other, often even more important and higher value things in both life and business. It’s so fast and easy that you wonder why you ever did it any other way.

That’s powerful. And it’s why I’m thrilled to be joining the company as CEO.

That, and the tremendous opportunity ahead of the company and our team across three dimensions:

Impact. Anyone can use this technology to make their lives and their businesses better. The team here is defining and growing a category with incredible breadth. There is not another private Software-as-a-Service company that has bigger potential. Every individual professional, every small business, every global enterprise and every business department therein are potential customers; and every consumer is a potential user. Already, Docusign has significant scale as the pioneer and global standard for eSignature and Digital Transaction Management with more than 100 million users across 188 countries. And we’re adding 130,000 new users every day as we expand into new industries, new markets and new geographies. That’s exciting.

Innovation. I’m a product guy. Docusign has consistently set the pace of innovation in the industry with its platform, features and functionality; mobile app; Standards-Based Signature Suite to support doing business quickly and easily in the EU; Docusign Payments; and more. And yet, the continued opportunity for innovation remains huge. The caliber of Docusign’s product team is impressive. There are amazing things that we can build, and I am passionate about helping drive innovation that brings new value to customers – especially when it comes to their overall digital transformations. Going digital with Docusign delivers on every area where businesses are measured: Revenue, expense, compliance, customer experience and environmental sustainability – and our continued innovations help them achieve exponential, not incremental, results.

Culture. I derive deep personal and professional satisfaction from helping others grow in their careers and achieve their goals. This starts with having a clear, inspiring vision that drives a strong sense of purpose and opportunity for personal impact. That’s palpable here. Docusign’s culture is consistent with my values and the way that I love to operate. The team is talented, passionate, collaborative and laser-focused on customer success. My goal is to further make Docusign a great place to work, and the best place anyone here has ever worked, including myself.

It is a tremendous privilege and honor to join Docusign as CEO.

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