Microsoft Build 2019 Recap

The Docusign Developer Evangelism team concluded a fun and rewarding week at this year’s Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. Developers from all over the world stopped by our booth to learn how they can use Docusign’s APIs to automate agreement workflows. We would love to share with you some of our highlights from the week.

Getting Started is As Easy As 1-2-3… 4!

We prepared a very special experience for our .NET developer community this year. Attendees were encouraged to complete four mini-challenges in order to receive a variety of swag, including a coveted Docusign Developer hoodie.

The Docusign API team posing with one raffle winner

The first step was to Docusign yourself into our daily raffle. By doing so, attendees experienced first-hand what it’s like to sign a document electronically. To make this possible, Tony Mann, our Developer Content Director, created an awesome raffle application powered by Docusign and Azure. The app collects basic user information, passes that data to Envelopes::CreateEnvelope, sends a raffle reminder to each entrant via email and selects a winner at random using Envelopes::GetEnvelope and a random number generator. Raffle winners received an Apple Watch Series 4 and a Nintendo Switch!

C# Code Example Launcher

Next, attendees were briefed on the Docusign Developer Center and shown a demo of our new C# Code Example Launcher (pictured above), created by Lead Developer Evangelist Larry Kluger. This helpful tool enables developers to get started quickly by running a variety of the common use cases of our eSignature REST API in a single MVC app. Better yet, there is a launcher available in all major languages. To get started using a launcher, clone a launcher in your preferred language from Github.

In our third step, attendees were encouraged to tweet about their favorite eSign use case, using #docusignAPI. Here are a few of our favorites!

A collection of tweets using #DocuSignAPI

Last (and certainly not least), developers created a sandbox account and sent their first document for signature. By the end, attendees were rewarded with their very own hoodie.

Docusign Live on Twitch!

Jeff Fritz (left) and Matt Roknich (right) answering twitch viewers' questions

A few of our team hopped on Twitch to speak about our developer tools. On Monday afternoon, I sat down with Jeff Fritz, Program Manager for Microsoft and famous streamer, to chat about our favorite parts of the Build conference and the latest advances from Docusign. Jeff was especially interested in one of our new products, Docusign Click and Click API, which enables developers to create and manage clickwrap agreements (like terms of service) programmatically using Docusign.

Matt King (left) and Jeff Fritz (right) pair-programming an app

On Tuesday, Matt King from our Developer Content team had the opportunity to help build out a sample app live on Twitch with developers from Mobilize.NET, Progress, and Twilio. The team pair-programmed an app that was migrated from VB6 to the web and added useful functionality along the way from Twilio and Docusign. In our portion of the demo, Matt showcased how easy it is for developers to use the Docusign eSignature SDK to both send an invoice out for receipt and collect payment. To watch the full stream, head over to Twitch.

Gamification, Raffles, and SWAG!

There was plenty of swag and prizes to be earned at the Docusign booth, but the loot didn’t stop there. We partnered with a variety of companies to bring attendees two additional raffles. By collecting special stickers and pins from participating companies, developers became eligible for premium swag. One lucky winner even walked away with a brand new 3D printer!

Sara Faatz (left), Matt Roknich, Shiful Parti, and Dee Dee Walsh posing with a 3D Printer Prize

Next event: Come find us at TrailheaDX.

If you missed us at Build, come find the Docusign API team at this year’s TrailheaDX on May 28 - 30th. Our booth experience is specifically designed to equip both developers and admins with the fundamental information and tools they need to easily connect Docusign with Salesforce. See you there!

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