Dreamforce 2023: Docusign developers, we rocked it!

Dreamforce Park, the gateway to Dreamforce 2023

This year's Dreamforce theme was AI, where Marc Benioff declared, “Now everyone is an Einstein – Data + AI + CRM + Trust”. Dreamforce 23 did not disappoint, with Howard Street turning into every Salesforce fanatic’s (that's me) wonderland! From elaborate displays to fun activities, the Dreampark was the place to be during your downtime.

Docusign at the Trailblazer forest

DocuSign at the Trailblazer forest

Our team had three busy days filled with hosting demo sessions, workshops, happy hours, and, most importantly, talking to attendees.

The developers who visited our booth were highly motivated to learn how to fine-tune their integrations for optimal efficiency. Our conversations predominantly focused on tailoring and automating processes, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the full potential of the Docusign API through the Apex Toolkit. The Apex Toolkit is a set of predefined Apex methods, classes, and utilities that encapsulate a set of the Docusign eSignature API functionality similar to an SDK, enabling you to integrate Docusign and Salesforce functionality into your Apex code.

A notable highlight for us was witnessing the developers' fervor for customizing and automating eSignature workflows within Salesforce. They were pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly they could implement and adapt templates, underscoring the smoothness of the integration process.

A topic that generated substantial interest was the integration of Docusign Gen. Developers recognized its potential to streamline Sales Quotes and Contracts processes, ensuring transactions unfold without a hitch.

Dreamforce  also served as a platform for delving into real-world applications. Developers from higher education and medical sectors generously shared their experiences and absorbed insights on how they could revolutionize their workflows with our Drawing fields feature and comments.

At the end of the day, developers want efficiency. We're here to provide support with best practices to maximize efficiency of their integrations. Conversations zeroed in on strategies to streamline eSignature workflows within Salesforce, underscoring the importance of a robust and tailored approach. We're grateful for all the feedback and time spent with our team!

The DocuSign Dreamforce team at Happy Hour

The Docusign API team hosted a Developer and admin happy hour on Tuesday at the Metreon with a vibrant crowd of Trailblazer community members joining us to share feedback with our product team members and our President of Product & Technology, Inhi Cho Suh; this was an epic night of food, networking, some fun glow-in-the-dark swag, and, most importantly, getting to spend time with our developer community. It was a great way to start out the night just before Dreamfest, where Foo Fighters rocked!

We also had two sessions on Wednesday: Uber supercharges its sales with CPQ and Docusign and Elevate Your Career with a Personal Portfolio, spilling the beans on how to skyrocket your career with a personal portfolio. All in all, what a fantastic Dreamforce! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth to chat with us, attend our talks or come to our Happy Hour. We cannot wait to see you at the next event.

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