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Momentum Series: Developer Track

The DocuSign Momentum conference will be in San Francisco from May 3-4, 2017, and there’s so much planned for developers. We’re more than doubling the number of developer sessions, including both beginner and advanced, plus an exciting hackathon where you can win great prizes. If that isn’t enough, developers can attend the conference for free.

The Agenda

We’re still working on finalizing the agenda, but you’ll not only hear from DocuSign engineers who will give you a deep-dive into using our eSignature API, but also learn about new products and features. In addition, you’ll hear from some DocuSign customers and partners about their amazing innovations to transform their businesses. This will give you some great ideas for innovation in your own industries and organizations. Here are some of the sessions to whet your appetite:

  • Eastern Bank: Hear how Eastern Bank challenged the traditionally-conservative banking industry by thinking out-of-the-box. Eastern Bank is highlighted in this blog post.
  • Tri-Counties Regional Center: Hear how Tri-Counties overcame bureaucracy to implement the DocuSign eSignature API. You can also read this blog post about their solution.
  • loanDepot: Learn about loanDepot’s best practices for implementing the DocuSign eSignature API. loanDepot’s innovation was covered in this blog post.
  • Praecipio: Hear how Praecipio developed two add-ons: DocuSign for Confluence and DocuSign for JIRA and the lessons learned in integrating both into one unified toolset.
  • General Networks: Discover how to seamlessly integrate DocuSign into ServiceNow workflows
  • Acumatica: Learn how Acumatica integrated the DocuSign eSignature API into the newest edition of its cloud ERP suite.
  • DocuSign: Everything you ever wanted to know about forms and fields
  • DocuSign: Sneak Peek into new products and APIs
  • DocuSign: Integrating DocuSign and Salesforce using Apex and Lightning
  • DocuSign: eSignature Embedding Best Practices
  • DocuSign: Advanced Platform Features
  • DocuSign: Behind the Scenes of DocuSign’s Carrier-Grade Platform
  • DocuSign: Webhooks: Don’t Poll Us, We’ll Call You

On-Site Hackathon

Beginning on May 2 (the day before Momentum), we’re hosting a fun and exciting hackathon where you can work alongside DocuSign engineers and other teammates to create innovative apps for a chance to win $2500. Whether you are interested in getting a jumpstart on your company’s digital transaction management solution, or you just want to explore your competitive side, you’ll want to participate in our hackathon. We’ll have a variety of unique challenges for you to code and submit to the judging panel. Register for the hackathon and stay tuned for more details!

How to Prepare for Momentum

To prepare for Momentum, visit the DocuSign Momentum conference site and view the Developer Track Agenda. Here are some additional resources to get you started with developing your DocuSign integrations:


  1. bi.ingalls@gmail.com
    A sales agreement of some 13 pages came to me be signed. I signed all the pages and the system went back to page one for me to sign the same agreement again. I did this ‘circle’ many times before giving up. I call the broker about the problem and she sent it to me again. the same thing happened. the odd thing is, she sent me a document for my wife to sign at the same time. that document signed fine, leaving one signature out to be corrected later. Why is the system just going around and around?
    I copped the code, which is B9B259A2ADCB4247999BC1CFF9673FB91 but I don’t know where to enter it.

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