Developer Spotlight: Shyamsundar Singh Tomar, Publicis Sapient

Shyamsundar Tomar started his career shortly after graduating with a Bachelor of Technology degree in 2008. Progressing through several IT consulting firms with a focus on financial services and business transformation, Tomar now works as a senior associate at Publicis Sapient (formerly Sapient Global Markets), building solutions to help small commodity trading and risk management firms transform their businesses.

Tomar's Docusign implementation was a Sage CRM integration automating the processing of complex business forms (over 200 pages each), which had to clear an exhaustive certification process before it could be released to production. The team set up the forms using Docusign PowerForms; they took advantage of Docusign Connect to detect when users hadn't completed forms and remind them using the Resend feature of the Docusign eSignature API, which resent the document whenever they were voided or not signed within the due date required by the process. Tomar's application wound up saving the client over 15,000 work hours and $1 million per year!

In addition to his mainline work, Tomar consults for small firms who can't afford the services of a large organization. He is interested in cryptocurrencies and is currently experimenting with Ethereum using Solidity; he would like to build a decentralized Docusign infrastructure using blockchain technology. In his spare time, Tomar likes to exercise, travel, meet new people, and learn new developer technologies. You can reach him on LinkedIn.

Inbar Gazit
Inbar Gazit
Sr. Manager, Developer Content