DocuSign was proud to be an Official Sponsor for API World 2017. DocuSign is headquartered in San Francisco, so API World took place in our back yard in San Jose. There were two components to API World: a hackathon and tradeshow expo.


The hackathon took place over the weekend of September 23-24, 2017 at a beautiful venue on the TIBCO corporate campus. It attracted several hundred coders from all backgrounds. Some were in college/university learning coding, some were professionals, and everywhere in between.

DocuSign sponsored a challenge with two prize levels: $2,000 for the best implementation of the DocuSign eSignature API and $1,000 for the next best.

We had seven amazing teams present their working apps on the second day of the hackathon. Several of them must have worked all night to achieve that level of functionality and attention to detail in such a short period of time.

Here’s a brief rundown of the seven submissions in the order they presented to us:

Team App Description
OrganizeUp! App that makes managing conferences and events easier. It also enables conference organizes to quickly communicate with all attendees in case of emergency. All event attendees register and sign-up for the event using DocuSign.
Remotely Innovative app that enables a homeowner to authorize a service provide to enter the home by remotely unlocking the door after verifying the identity of the remote service provider. DocuSign was implemented to electronically sign for the work and entering the home.
GigSign Web app that enables musicians to manage all sorts of contracts using DocuSign, including Co-publishing agreements, live performance agreements, and more.
DermAI App, called Demi, that uses artificial intelligence to diagnose skin disorders in the messenger chat platform. DocuSign was used to authorize treatment using the AI technology.
Open Onboard Human Relations (HR) platform that makes signing HR-related documents easy using DocuSign.
DropPage App for file-based tasks that someone needs help with. For example, if someone has an image file that needs editing, DropPage enables a user to solicit help from others and they can bid on the price for that service. Using DocuSign Payments, DropPage collects the payments and escrows the funds until the work is complete.
Doorstep App that uses DocuSign to authorize package delivery drivers to leave a package in real-time.

And the Winners Are…

Our second-place winner of $1,000 was Doorstep for their creative use of enabling remote electronic signing for packages by package delivery drivers.

Our first-place winner of $2,000 was DropPage for their innovative use-case of soliciting help from others on one or more files, as well as their use of DocuSign Payments and our eSignature API.

Additional Resources

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