A Day in Paris: The DocuSign Developer Team at French Touch Dreamin'

The DocuSign Developer team is excited to join the European Salesforce community on November 15 at French Touch Dreamin' in Paris. Coming off the heels of an exciting, insightful, and overall successful Dreamforce 2018, this is sure to be a continuation of the great stuff happening with DocuSign for Salesforce.  

As the number one eSignature app on the AppExchange, we’re continuously hard at work to enhance and better your DocuSign for Salesforce experience. A lot has happened lately, most notably the introduction of our new DocuSign Apex Toolkit, which lets you easily and quickly develop custom Salesforce solutions that use DocuSign technology like never before. Additionally, we’ve taken our custom, no-code integration a step further for you, with a new preview product, DocuSign for Salesforce – Core (name subject to change before final release), which works in both Salesforce and Salesforce Essentials. You can read all about these new releases here.

For those of you already familiar with the DocuSign Developer Center (and those who need a refresher), we’re pleased to introduce you to the new DocuSign for Salesforce page. This area of the Developer Center is dedicated to showing you how to integrate DocuSign into your Salesforce apps and processes, and complete with guides, code examples for common scenarios, an Apex Toolkit reference, and support information.

How does all of this come together? One of our most recent case studies looks at how Covered California streamlines the business of health insurance in the most populous state in the United States. The state-based marketplace where Californians can sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Covered California engages with more than 14,000 agents, or entities, all of which need to sign agreements. That’s where DocuSign comes in. Our eSignature API along with DocuSign for Salesforce is utilized for a custom solution that integrates with Salesforce Communities. As part of their adoption, they now have an automated process for reviewing and approving agreements from the entities that provide Californians with access to ACA qualified health plans. Their new seamless approval process is trackable, secure, transparent, 100% automated, and available for you to learn all about here.   

Who else is putting DocuSign for Salesforce into action? This video shows how BNY Mellon designed, developed, tested, and rolled out their DocuSign for Salesforce integration in just a matter of months. You can also read about how Retail Capital streamlined its agreement process with DocuSign for Salesforce and Custom Buttons.

When you stop by the DocuSign booth at French Touch Dreamin’, please be sure to chat with us about your specific use case(s), how you can get started, how you can make your processes more efficient, and more. We’re always eager to get fellow devs off on the right foot, so don’t be shy about stopping by and speaking up.

Until then (and always), we invite you to check out these DocuSign Developer resources for complete information and continual updates:

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