Docusign Wins Two 2020 SAP Pinnacle Awards

Docusign has won two prestigious SAP Pinnacle awards for 2020, showcasing the value of integrating Docusign eSignature with SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Ariba.

From contracts to offer letters to purchase orders, agreements are the foundation of doing business. If your organization is considering replacing paper contract processes with electronic signature, you’ll want to choose an eSignature solution that integrates with the business systems your business already uses for enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM) solutions like SAP SuccessFactors and procurement solutions like SAP Ariba. SAP and Docusign bring this solution to market as SAP Signature Management by Docusign.

Leading organizations are realizing that signing documents electronically is a good first step, but it’s not enough. Connecting eSignature to these mission critical systems can significantly reduce duplicate work and errors. For example, such integration makes it possible to pre-populate contracts with data you may already have in these systems, as well as automatically capture data obtained during the signing process back into your systems to update relevant records. Connecting and automating the steps in the contract process improves productivity and reduces costs, freeing up time for your employees to focus on more strategic projects.

Digitize HR forms from hire to retire

There are reams of HR documents in the lifecycle of a single employee, and different processes to manage those documents, from paperwork to modern cloud-based tools. Now, consider that challenge multiplies when accounting for every employee, and it’s no wonder that the HR document deluge can be overwhelming. A recent survey found that two-thirds of HR departments globally process more than 500 agreements every month, including:

  • Recruiting offer letters, NDAs, background checks
  • Onboarding tax forms, I-9 forms, employee policies, payroll forms
  • Compensation agreements
  • Performance management documents
  • Administrative paperwork, contractor agreements, role changes
  • Training materials
  • Benefits notices
  • Off-boarding forms

Transforming these forms into digital documents allows your HR team to do business faster with less risk, lower costs and most importantly, a better experience for new candidates and current employees. The first step is to implement an electronic signature solution to send HR forms to employees and obtain signatures. But don’t stop there. Choosing an e-signature solution that works with your HCM system makes it easier to connect and automate the entire agreement process.

For example, Docusign eSignature integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, so your HR team can send offer letters and policies documents to candidates and employees instantly, with automated workflows and complete visibility into contract status. Docusign was recently named SAP Solution Extensions Partner of the Year for Human Experience Management (HXM) for SuccessFactors.

Automate procurement processes

Like HR, procurement inherently involves managing dozens of contracts in support of sourcing, purchasing, invoice processing and ongoing vendor management. Transitioning contracts to digital can bring incredible speed to contract processing while minimizing room for error and duplicated work. Consider the common contracts used by procurement departments:

  • Requests for proposal (RFPs)
  • Nondisclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Master service agreements (MSAs)
  • Purchase orders 
  • Statements of work (SOWs)
  • Invoices

In a recent study by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by Docusign, procurement respondents cited vendor contracts, SOWs and POs as the forms that are still completed with primarily manual processes. There are several benefits to moving away from outdated, costly and inconvenient paper agreements. Building automation into procurement workflows lowers costs across the board and allows individual procurement professionals to spend their time managing the crucial parts of their job—maximizing the return on company investments. 

Just like in HR, choosing an eSignature solution that integrates with the systems your procurement team relies on makes it easier to automate and connect the entire contract workflow. For example, Docusign eSignature works with SAP Ariba, automating workflows for preparing, signing, acting on and managing procurement contracts, and increasing visibility into the process.  Docusign was recently named SAP Solution Extensions Partner of the Year for Intelligent Spend Management. 

Tom Roberts, SVP SAP’s global partner organization and Mark Register, SVP business development at Docusign recently spoke about the importance of transitioning to digital contracts in this new era of remote work. 

Companies like Seguros Unimed, an insurance company serving more than 6 million clients in Brazil launched an initiative to automate paper processes as part of an overall digital transformation project. They needed a solution that would help the organization comply with local industry regulations, satisfy security requirements, reduce overall costs and one that could be easily implemented. Seguros Unimed selected SAP Signature Management by Docusign and has been able to reduce the time to complete many processes by as much as 80%. Learn more about how Seguros Unimed uses electronic signature for insurance policy documents with clients. 

SAP Signature Management by Docusign is helping companies around the world to do business faster, with less risk, lower costs and better experiences for customers, partners and employees.

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