Docusign Spotlight: Marc LeCours, Vice President, Global Professional Services

Marc LeCours

We sat down with Marc LeCours, VP of Global Professional Services, to learn more about his organization and why employees love working in Professional Services. 

What’s special about working in the professional services organization at Docusign?

What’s special is that we are changing the way our customers do business and helping them transform manual and outdated processes into something digital and modern. Our professional services team is influential in making the Agreement Cloud become a reality for our customers by driving innovation and solving hard problems, which leads to true impact in our customers’ businesses. We’re also creating a new category in the market which is a unique and exciting opportunity.

What specifically does the professional services organization do at Docusign?

Our customer success and professional services teams are focused on making sure that we deliver successful outcomes for our customers. That starts with our engagement management team which understands the customer needs and objectives and makes sure there is a clear blueprint and plan for success. Once we have the right plan and approach, our consultants help customers design, implement and deploy scalable solutions leveraging our product, technical and industry best practice expertise. In addition, as the Docusign Agreement Cloud continues to evolve, we’re not just delivering solutions specific to Docusign products, but we’re also seeing a rapidly growing need to help our customers integrate with their systems of record and industry-specific applications. Our technical services team along with a growing system integrator ecosystem is critical to delivering integration, migrations and customizations that enable us to bring all of these different technologies together into a cohesive solution that delivers value to our clients.

How closely does the professional services organization work with the core Docusign product development team?

There’s a tight collaboration and connection between the product development team and professional services, and also with all of customer success which includes customer support, adoption and enablement organizations. It’s absolutely critical that we understand where the product is going and what new functionality and innovation is being developed so we can ensure we bring that to our customers in the right way. Additionally, technology that doesn’t solve customer needs and doesn’t provide the desired user experience doesn’t get adopted. As a SaaS company, our focus is on helping our customers adopt, leverage and realize value from our technology. Deeply integrated product releases and customer feedback processes between product development and customer success are paramount for us at Docusign.

You are attracting some very seasoned talent from tech competitors to join your team. What do you find is the most compelling reason for them to join your team at Docusign?

Candidates often have a positive emotional reaction to Docusign because they associate it with a key milestone in their lives such as buying their first home or getting their dream job. After initial conversations, during which candidates learn about our growth trajectory and all the innovative ways in which we are helping companies digitize their business, that positive reaction turns into excitement about joining Docusign. Candidates understand the opportunity they will have to expand their skills, drive innovation, have impact with customers and grow their career. Those are really the key reasons we are able to attract top talent in the industry. 

Is the professional services team expanding their global customer footprint?

Yes, absolutely! While we have well-established teams in North America and EMEA that we are continuing to grow, we are bringing that same level of expertise to our other international regions in APAC, LATAM and Japan. We’re building even greater depth in our engagement management, project management and technical teams enabling customers to evolve from eSignature to full Agreement Cloud solutions in these high-growth markets. Lastly, we are developing and expanding center of excellence capabilities in additional locations to provide more capabilities and an even greater ability to service our customers. 

For those interested in joining your group, tell us more about the career opportunities and different career paths within the professional services organization.

There are many exciting projects to work on for customers. And, there are whole new practice areas available to our team from solutions architects, technical architects, and more. Team members can move to work on different projects geographically (internationally) and take on more responsibility over time. And, many times, our team gets to work with some of the leading brands of the world which can be very exciting and engaging.

We are continuing to build and grow our professional services team at Docusign. Whether someone is interested in engagement management, implementation, technical services or helping our system integrators grow their own Agreement Cloud practices, there is opportunity around the globe to grow your career at Docusign.

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