Eric Fleischman, DocuSign’s VP of Platform Engineering and Chief Architect, took the stage at #DataDriven with Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group, to discuss DocuSign’s reliance on SQL Server for its high performance, security, and scalability.

As one of the fastest-growing startups in the technology sector, we make it a top priority to be 100 percent available for customers. In fact, approximately four years ago, due to explosive growth, we found we had to get ahead of that growth and deliver an always-on, always-available system instead of forcing users to experience disruptive downtimes for maintenance. The only way to deliver on the mission was to build a carrier-grade platform. As shown in this intro video, our mission is to enable businesses to become 100% digital, with no paper, fax machines, or filing cabinets.

We chose SQL Server because of its robust and secure platform. Customers, such as those in the financial services sector, must conform to regulatory compliance and are very security-conscious — so we rely on the security and trustworthiness of the SQL Server platform. From the DocuSign perspective, security is not only part of the architecture and design of the core platform expected by DocuSign customers, but there also needs to be a secure experience for their customers as well. For example, we need to ensure that end-users are who they say they are, then process the transactions on a secure platform. This is one reason 10 of the 15 largest banks in the US are DocuSign customers, and more than one thousand credit unions use DocuSign every day. Additionally, 13 of the 15 largest insurance carriers are also DocuSign customers.

What’s another key reason we chose SQL Server? Its ability to handle huge volumes of data, running in a hybrid configuration of on premise and Azure cloud storage. We process 30 billion pieces of telemetry every day, which equates to 650,000 pieces of telemetry every second at peak. Monitoring this telemetry enables us to better understand the end-to-end customer experience not only for our customers, but for their customers as well. A robust architecture that is designed for 10x capacity growth makes Microsoft and SQL Server a key partner in our own success, and the success of our customers.

Want to hear more about our commitment to building a carrier-grade platform from Eric?  Learn about attending the MOMENTUM’16 conference in San Francisco, April 5-7.