Docusign and Procore Expand Partnership to Accelerate the Digitization in Construction

Keeping construction projects on time and under budget are keys to a successful project. According to a recent report published by global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, 20% of construction projects run over schedule and 80% are over budget. This is a major issue for companies looking to scale and grow their operations. Often times, change orders, contractor paperwork, and weather delays get in the way of deadlines and ultimately impact project delivery. Procore and Docusign have partnered to minimize these delays through streamlined workflows that facilitate faster time to signature and approval processes.

Building the future

Procore and Docusign are modernizing the construction industry’s systems of agreement and transforming the way construction projects are managed. Hundreds of construction companies leverage Procore’s integration with Docusign eSignature to eliminate inefficient cycle times on projects. The integration enables a centralized system where your signed documents are stored and easily searchable. This minimizes the need for paper documentation, ensuring all your documents are at your fingertips when you need them rather than hidden in a filing cabinet. 

Docusign eSignature enables you to electronically manage a variety of workflows right from within Procore’s Financial tool set. Procore’s financial tools act as the single source of truth for their customers. It’s the tool most widely used by project administrators and project managers, who have the important role of keeping things moving on the jobsite. You can also use Docusign eSignature to digitally sign agreements from almost anywhere on practically any mobile device.

With Docusign eSignature, customers have experienced significant time and cost savings on contract and change order agreement workflows. Agreements that used to take weeks to turn around can now be completed in less than a day.  Docusign’s integration increases the speed of collaboration to help Procore customers:

  • Automate their workflows by monitoring agreement status 
  • Assign documents to be electronically notarized 
  • Route and store documents securely
  • Enable all signers to digitally sign agreements on a mobile device 
  • Standardize workflow processes that save time and are easy to replicate

Delivering customer value

“The biggest benefit of integrating Docusign eSignature into Procore is that it completes the workflows and keeps the documents digital from cradle to grave. Customers and collaborators love the simplicity and it truly adds value to both platforms” Kristopher Lengieza, Sr Director of Business Development, Procore Technologies. 

And customers love us too!

“Docusign integration with Procore helped drive transparency and trust with our subcontractors and business partners. We believe in a single source of truth for all project data and we only invest in applications that talk seamlessly to each other.” Matt Redman,Operations & Technical Development Del Amo Construction

The Procore integration with Docusign has been so successful that we’re announcing a deeper partnership which includes 3 months of Docusign eSignature free with Procore Construction Financials including: 

  • Signing, viewing a contract status and track Commitments 
  • Purchase Order and Prime Contracts and Subcontractor agreements.  
  • Commitment Change Orders and Prime Contract Change Orders within Procore
  • Sign and route Owner Invoice & Subcontractor Invoice 
  • RFI’s and submittals in the Project Management tool (Documents tab)

To learn more about how Docusign is working with Procore click here.

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