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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the Docusign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of November 2023. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.

Thread: How to send WhatsApp Docusign

Summary: The developer is attempting to write to code that sends the Docusign envelope to the recipients via WhatsApp and is getting an error message from the API saying:

'{"errorCode":"ADDITIONAL_NOTIFICATION_CHANNEL_NOT_SUPPORTED","message":"The Additional Notification channel is not supported. Envelope definition should not have additional notification channel: WhatsApp for recip 1"}'

Answer: Docusign recently announced the availability of a new feature for WhatsApp delivery. To use this feature from the API, you should not use the additionalNotification object, but instead change the deliveryMethod to "WhatsApp" as shown in How to request a signature by SMS or WhatsApp delivery on the Developer Center.

It is also important to note that most developers' accounts do not have SMS and WhatsApp delivery enabled. You would need to contact our support team to request that they enable this feature for your account if you plan to use it.

Thread: Docusign Document loses styles when I use SignHereTabs using C# Docusign SDK

Summary: The developer is using the Docusign eSignature C# SDK to build an integration that sends an HTML document for signature. They’re finding it hard to position the SignHereTab element correctly via the Docusign eSignature REST API, but they are successful in doing so via the web app.

Answer: The developer should record the API calls that are made from the web app and learn how Docusign itself uses the eSignature REST API to make API calls from the web app. It’s fairly simple to record a log of all your API calls by using the web app. Simply go to the top-right menu and select “Preferences”, where you will see at the bottom of the screen the option to log API calls:

Enabling API logging in the eSignature Settings

We’ve got a couple of resources to show you how:


Thread: Docusign integration via redirects

Summary: The developer wants to redirect their app users to Docusign to send envelopes and then redirect them back to their site. In essence, they want to replace the Docusign web app with their own integration, and then also provide status updates on envelopes inside their app. 

Answer: The best way to do this is to use two features. The first one is called Embedded Sending and it enables developers, similarly to Embedded Signing, to include the sending experience (often also called the tagger) as part of their application. This feature does indeed work using redirects (back from your app to Docusign and later back to your app).

The second feature you would need is Docusign Connect webhooks. That’s the recommended method to get updates about your envelopes to avoid using polling and improve the performance of your application. 

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