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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the Docusign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of January 2022. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.

Thread: Do we need to purchase a plan to go-live Docusign?

Summary: The developer is trying to go-live with their integration that they built using the developer environment. They are wondering if they need to purchase a paid account in the production environment to do so.

Answer: A production account is required to finish the go-live process. The go-live process has two parts. The first part is a review of the API calls made by your integration. Once you pass this, you need to provide a production account that will be used to store your IK in production. This account cannot be a trial or freemium account, but it can be a basic web account. If you are a partner ISV, you can get a free production account to use for your IKs.

Thread: Is Connect Configuration required for setting up HMAC in envelope-level webhook in Docusign

Summary: This developer is using the Docusign webhook service known as Docusign Connect. They want to secure the calls to their server using HMAC encryption. However, they do not want to set up an account-wide Connect configuration, but instead use Connect only for select envelopes. 

Answer: You can secure webhook calls from Docusign Connect using an HMAC encryption key. You can do this either by setting a global (account-wide) Connect confirmation, or by using a per-envelope Connect webhook request. If you want to use it for a specific envelope, you need to set includeHMAC=true in your eventNotification object. The HMAC key itself can only be set in the Docusign Settings (Admin), which require that you have administrator privileges to your Docusign account.

Thread: Not getting response to Docusign webhook listener url

Summary: The developer is attempting to use Docusign Connect with a global connect configuration on their Docusign Developer account. They do not seem to get any calls to their server from the webhook and are not sure how to fix it.

Answer: Webhook calls from Docusign are sent via the internet and require that your web server support TLS with HTTPS protocol. Furthermore, the server must be freely available on the internet, and cannot be behind a firewall or proxy server. Sometimes even an antivirus software can block calls from the web. Docusign Connect has a logging mechanism that enables you to see logs for all attempts to reach your server. However, we recommend using a public cloud-based URL to initially set up your webhook, to make sure the calls will go through before proceeding to set it on your own server where you may have networking challenges.

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