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Thread: TAB LIMIT EXCEEDED in Docusign

Summary: The developer is using the Docusign eSignature C# SDK and is trying to send an envelope. He is getting the following error message from the API: {"errorCode":"TAB_LIMIT_EXCEEDED","message":"The tab limit on the envelope has been exceeded."}

Answer: There’s a limit of 3,000 tabs per envelope, if you reach this limit for any reason, you’ll get this error message from the Docusign eSignature REST API. This can possibly happen because of a loop your code is using for the tabs, or because of large documents that repeat the anchor string(s) more than 3,000 times, causing all these tabs to be added to the envelope.

Thread: Embedding Docusign Terms and Conditions signing into an Angular SPA web app

Summary: The developer wants to embed in their own application a simple agreement including terms and conditions that users just have to click to agree to. They are wondering what is the recommended method of doing this with Docusign technology.

Answer:  Using Elastic Signing and the Click API you can embed simple agreements requiring just end-user consent in your webpage or application. Our Sample App MyClickwrap shows a simple “Terms and Condition” scenario. You can also try our code example How to embed an elastic signing agreement showing you a step-by-step guide of doing this with the Click API.

Thread: Docusign does not send emails after first recipient when using signing order

Summary: The developer is using the Docusign eSignature Java SDK and is having an issue where one of the recipients in the envelope is not receiving an email with a link to complete the signing process.

Answer: If you include the clientUserId property in the recipient object, then this recipient will not get an email message from Docusign. The email messages are suppressed for embedded recipients. The way to resolve this issue is to remove the clientUserId property from the recipient to make them a remote recipient.

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