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By eliminating the disruption of paper-based processes within the natural flow of a sale, DocuSign has revolutionized the way the world does business. They invented digital transaction management (DTM). At, we are expanding DTM both forward and back from the point of signature to allowing businesses to engage consumers in a fully digital transaction.




Location, location, location.


As foot traffic made for successful business in the last century, being close to the digital lives of customers will in the new century. Customers are never far from their digital devices. But, as consumers, our digital world is very fragmented. For example, if I click an advertisement embedded in my favorite mobile game, I will most likely need to engage a mobile browser, email, desktop website, and phone before a complex transaction can be closed. It is as if I have been asked to visit several storefronts before being allowed to buy stationary. I am forced to shift digital location several times. Someone please take my money.


In shifting digital locations, you have challenged my attention. Few complex offerings, such as signing up for new mobile plan or buying life insurance, will survive repeated challenges to a prospect’s attention. Companies that fail to conserve this most precious commodity by eliminating these location changes will fail to thrive. This is where a sticky DTM strategy comes in.




Tips and Tricks.


Beyond eSignature, here are 10 tricks that wrap fulfillment into your customer engagement process by making DTM sticky:



  1. Eliminate the need to leave the native application. Do not push me to a browser.
  2. Ask for personal data at the end. Allow me to be anonymous at first or forever.
  3. Prefill or, better yet, skip information already known or derivable offline. My mobile phone knows where I live, why are you asking me?
  4. Avoid text entry fields that force keyboard pop-ups. I like checkbox and select wheels that I can answer via thumb.
  5. Ask only for data needed to move to the next step (or risk never getting there). It is a digital process not a static form.
  6. Save each step to allow a user to pick-up later through a variety of channels. My mobile life is made-up of 5-minute vignettes. Help me use them productively.
  7. Trade the prospect’s information for information that they can use. Give to get. Use progressive discovery to make the offer and process personal.
  8. Keep content fun. What “Game of Thrones” character am I, anyway?
  9. Keep content concise. Think Tweet.
  10. Build-in collaboration steps and social engagement to facilitate household decisions and spread virally. Make it easy for me to ask my wife.




Technology for DTM.


With help from DocuSign’s new Mobile SDK for Digital Transaction Management, allows businesses to grab attention with compelling offers to app users, hold attention through adaptive, interactive offer evaluation, and monetize attention by fulfilling significant new business without ever leaving the app in which it began. We achieve this by providing technology (APIs and SDKs) that makes it easy for developers to incorporate adaptive, cloud-hosted processes inside mobile and web apps. Rather than pushing banner ads, companies can push dynamic processes that lock-on through in-app engagement and guide prospects through to a completed sale.






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