Deliver Seamless Embedded Signing Experiences

Digital experiences are now the norm. Personally and professionally, we’re constantly using digital devices and apps to conduct the business of life. We’ve come to expect their convenience. But, when consumers and companies interact digitally, any negative experience can have an outsized, negative impact on customer experience, brand loyalty and, ultimately, revenue.

We’ve all experienced it. You’re mostly finished filling out an online application when you’re presented with an agreement, but you are redirected to a completely different page to sign the agreement, or but the embedded agreement looks nothing like the original application’s branding. All of this causes you to start doubting its authenticity and security. It’s frustrating and frightening, and there are just too many options out there for consumers to stick around for these types of inconveniences.

Providing digital experiences is no longer optional—but companies must ensure those interactions are seamless and frictionless to prevent abandonment and keep customers happy.

Seamlessly embedded agreements

Embedded Signing in eSignature now includes Focused View, a display format that helps you easily deliver a more seamless signing experience directly within websites or applications.

With Focused View, there’s no more page redirection or clunky iFrames. You can now embed agreements without any borders around it, so that the agreement looks coherent with the rest of your website and mobile application. You can also customize UI elements to fully match your organization’s look and feel. This seamless embedded signing experience eliminates friction points for signers and brings you higher completion rates.

Transform the signing experience in less than 15 minutes

Implementing Focused View is quick and easy. All it takes is inserting a simple JS snippet and you can level-up your embedded signing experience!

And, since Embedded Signing and Focused View leverage the eSign REST API, it is compatible with the full suite of eSignature functionalities. Customize the rest of your workflow to best fit your organization needs, whether that might be inserting advanced or pre-filled fields, configuring for multiple signers, or automating downstream agreement actions – all while providing the most seamless signing experience.

Embedded Signing use cases

This new enhancement  elevates the signing experience for all types of industries that need to embed agreements and contracts within their digital footprint. Using Embedded Signing with Focused View provides a completely unified look and feel between the agreement and the application for a smooth and cohesive interaction.

Across industries, companies can use Embedded Signing to deliver a fast and seamless, digital-first signing experience that delights users and increases completion rates:

  • Financial services: Loan applications, investment transactions
  • Insurance: Online insurance policy sales and applications
  • Retail: Agreement for buy-now-pay-later terms, affiliate sign-ups
  • Auto: Auto payment term agreements, auto-loan applications  
  • Telco: Account opening, plan sign-ups

Take a look at how it works in action for Tally Bank:

This enhancement is available to all eSignature plans with API Access. Talk to your account manager today.