Analyze Contracts Stored in Salesforce with AI from Docusign

As your organization grows, so does the complexity of managing sales contracts. Each agreement potentially contains exposure to risk, hidden opportunities or other legal and business concerns.

Contracts in Salesforce are typically stored as part of the customer record — convenient for the account team but highly challenging for those needing to search for, review, manage and act on the organization’s portfolio of agreements. The need to carefully navigate into specific accounts or opportunities to find individual sales contract files is tedious, risk-laden and ultimately costly to the organization.

The Docusign Insight Connector for Salesforce provides AI-powered analysis of your agreements stored in Salesforce, making it easy to find, filter and analyze agreements to help uncover organizational risks, obligations and opportunities.

Analyze Salesforce contracts with Docusign Insight 

Docusign Insight delivers a proven combination of AI technologies—natural language processing, machine learning, latent semantic indexing, OCR and rules-based logic—to help organizations manage and analyze their agreements. Insight brings together agreements from across your enterprise in virtually any location and format. Advanced search and filtering let you zero in on the ones that matter. Automated extraction policies identify the clauses and terms you need to review. And you can easily view side-by-side comparisons of key terms and analysis results across selected agreements to quickly spot inconsistencies and opportunities.

Connecting Salesforce with Insight provides direct access to all your contracts along with associated files and key metadata fields.

  • Access Salesforce contracts directly in Insight with visualized dashboards to spot trends, risks and opportunities
  • Search and filter your agreements by legal concept, full text and metadata—instead of just keywords
  • Find answers faster with AI-powered analysis
  • Compare AI-extracted clauses, terms and answers side-by-side across agreements
  • View contracts, associated files and metadata without accessing Salesforce

Docusign Insight is also available as part of Docusign CLM+, combining AI with industry-leading contract lifecycle management. 

Learn more about how to streamline access, search, and analysis of all of your Salesforce contracts with the new Docusign Insight connector.