3 Processes Your Business Can Automate With Smartsheet and Docusign

Collecting signatures and managing signed documents can result in manual processes that take a lot of time and effort to execute and maintain. In many cases, documents must be signed for your business to run effectively, and may even be legally required. Often signatures are also time-sensitive, so someone has to actively monitor task status and manually drive forward the process of obtaining signatures.

Smartsheet has partnered with Docusign to help you streamline your document and electronic signatures workflow. Smartsheet’s integration with Docusign allows you to automate any process involving paperwork that needs signatures. Here are three processes your business can automate today with Smartsheet and Docusign:

  1. New Employee Onboarding  

New employee onboarding can require an enormous effort from recruiting and HR teams, particularly in businesses managing large numbers of new hires. Once offers are signed, they still need to collect the proper work documents, which may include W-4s, I-9s, non-competes, non-disclosures, acknowledgement of employee handbook or security policy, and more. These important onboarding documents often end up in a pile of papers that need to be scanned and data that needs to be manually entered into the system by someone on the HR team.

Using the Smartsheet integration with Docusign, HR teams can streamline the collection and signature of critical documents through Docusign, without the need for redundant data entry or scanning every document into the system.

When new employees join, the manager can send new hire documents using a single, pre-built workflow using the Smartsheet integration for Docusign. Once the new hire documents are sent, each new employee receives an email notification, and clicks through to review, sign, and submit their documents. Once completed, documents are automatically attached to the appropriate row in Smartsheet, making it easy to access records as needed.



  1. Annual Benefits Enrollments

Companies that offer employee benefits usually have an annual enrollment period that takes place at the same time each year. When done manually, managing annual enrollment for hundreds or thousands of employees is a time-consuming process. Keeping track of who has received the forms and who still needs to sign and submit the forms can easily take up several days.

By automating the delivery of the enrollment forms with the Smartsheet and Docusign integration, you can ensure the proper forms are sent to everyone for their signatures, and you can see who has yet to sign and submit the forms. You can also set automated reminders to those who have not yet completed the task to simplify follow up.  



  1. Sales Compensation Plans

To be successful and remain aligned to corporate objectives, salespeople need to have clear understanding of how they are compensated. For companies with large sales teams, it can be challenging to ensure that everyone understands and agrees to their compensation plans. Sales operations and finance teams also need to have visibility into which sales plans specific groups of employees are on, who has signed their agreements, and who still needs to sign.  

By using Smartsheet and Docusign, teams can manage this employee data in Smartsheet, categorizing by sales role, and associating the relevant compensation plans with the appropriate groups. Then, when each new quarter or year starts, leadership can quickly send out new plans across the whole sales team. The sales team members appreciate the clarity in objectives and leadership can be confident that everyone is aligned.

Manage Electronic Signature Workflows

Smartsheet’s integration with Docusign helps you securely streamline any process involving paperwork that needs signatures. You can send to selected contacts or in bulk to all contacts in a sheet to quickly reach customers, partners, attendees, employees or others for any process requiring signatures. Best of all, you can save each process as a reusable workflow to maximize productivity gains and time savings.

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