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Thread: Two signers with API in PHP example

Summary: The developer, using our PHP SDK, is trying to create an envelope that requires two signers, but is unable to create the necessary objects to enable the workflow.

Answer: To create an envelope to be signed by two signers, you must not only create two Signer objects, but also a separate Tab object for each place you want signed, assigned to the individual signer. You then assign each signer the tab(s) created for them separately. The tabs are assigned to individual signers by matching values for the recipient_id attribute.


Thread: Docusign API - How to get callback response after user authentication?

Summary: The developer is implementing Implicit Grant authentication in a Windows desktop app built in Delphi and is receiving an empty callback response from their authentication request.

Answer: When implementing Implicit Grant authentication, it's critical to include the following parameter in the authorization request: response_type=token. Without this parameter, the Docusign account server will return an empty response.


Thread: Docusign API: Redirection Issues with Envelope Authentication View URLs

Summary: The developer has a live integration with Docusign. After creating an envelope with a call to  Envelopes: create, the integration next calls EnvelopeViews: createConsole to get a redirection URL, to which the user is directed to sign the envelope. if the user is already logged into Docusign, the redirection URL works; but if the user is not already logged in, upon login they are directed to the Docusign home page, not the envelope draft page (/prepare/<ENVELOPE_ID>).

Answer: This is a known issue with the EnvelopeViews: createConsole call, and is being actively worked on. Meanwhile, we recommend using the EnvelopeViews: CreateSenderView call, changing the send parameter from 1 to 0 in order to land the user on the correct page.


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