Tips for IT Administrators Using Docusign eSignature

Docusign eSignature provides a wide range of digital document functionality to make work easier, faster and more accurate. IT administrators stand at the core of eSignature for every organization, making sure documents are signed by the right people, on-time and compliant with regulations. As the behind-the-scenes person that your organization depends on to keep documents flowing and everyone on task, there’s a number of things you can do with eSignature to further streamline your document processes, improving overall efficiency.

Here are our top 7 tips for IT administrators to get the most out of eSignature:

  1. Notify customers quickly with SMS Delivery for Docusign eSignature 
  2. Enhance the mobile experience by enabling responsive signing
  3. Improve collaboration with Docusign eSignature App for Microsoft Teams
  4. Easily markup documents with Drawing Field
  5. Get revenue faster with Docusign Payments
  6. Protect your agreements with Docusign Monitor
  7. Automate post-signature tasks with Agreement Actions

Notify customers quickly with SMS Delivery for Docusign eSignature 

With SMS Delivery for Docusign eSignature, you can leverage text notifications in addition to email to ensure signers receive and complete agreements. eSignature enables you to send real-time agreement notifications directly to a signer’s mobile device, allowing customers to quickly open and electronically sign documents wherever they are. With SMS Delivery, your organization can:

  • Expand your reach. With global availability in more than 180 countries, reach signers wherever they are. For example, SMS Delivery enables procurement teams to send and manage contracts with suppliers while ensuring proper risk management and governance no matter where they do business.
  • Close business faster. Leverage email and real-time SMS notifications to increase response rates and get documents signed quickly. In the fast-paced world of sales, real-time SMS helps create a frictionless customer workflow so that service agreements get signed faster.
  • Provide a superior experience. Combined with our responsive signing functionality, SMS Delivery enables you to differentiate your business with a better signing experience. Case in point: HR teams can delight new employees with an easy and engaging signing process for new-hire paperwork.

Check out this short article to learn more about SMS Delivery for Docusign eSignature. 

Enhance the mobile experience by enabling responsive signing

With responsive signing, you can improve the display of your documents based on the signer's device type. A true value-add: responsive signing automatically converts documents to HTML and allows the sender to preview the document across device types before sending. Once deployed, signers automatically see beautiful, optimally-sized documents.

Responsive signing is an extremely helpful option for documents with:

  • Large blocks of text: Text wraps naturally in the font, color and size in the original document.
  • Tables with regular, consistent structure: Columns are preserved and text is adjusted to fit on the screen.
  • Fields: Fields expand and shrink easily so that there’s no overlapping where signers need to fill in.
  • Images: Visual content enlarges and contracts to fill the screen without scrolling.

With responsive signing, you can provide your customers with an optimized agreement viewing experience across devices and all platforms (e.g. Apple, Android, etc).

For more about responsive signing, see this short article

Improve collaboration with Docusign eSignature App for Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly collaborate and keep business moving from anywhere with Docusign eSignature for Microsoft Teams. With this new chatbot, people receive real-time notifications when a signature is requested and are sent reminders to sign, while senders are alerted when the signature is complete.

With this integration, organizations can drive productivity by:

  • Getting more value: Docusign eSignature works seamlessly with Microsoft applications. With Docusign’s Office 365 integration, it’s easy to prepare and send documents for signing directly using Microsoft applications like Word, SharePoint or Outlook. Send agreements and approvals for signing directly from Docusign for Dynamics 365. And, Docusign’s Power Automate integration streamlines processes between eSignature and your Microsoft applications.
  • Moving fast: Quickly enter sending workflows—from onboarding documents to sales contracts and more—right from Microsoft Teams. Recipients are notified when it’s time to sign and senders when an agreement is completed. If there’s a lag in signing, helpful reminders are automatically sent to encourage signing. Plus, eSignature works on virtually any device alone and when integrated with Teams, so signers can act quickly from wherever they are.
  • Achieving peace of mind: Docusign meets some of the most stringent U.S., E.U. and global security standards—and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available. In addition, eSignature automatically generates and stores a robust audit trail for every agreement.

To learn more, see our blog on Microsoft integrations with Docusign eSignature

Easily markup documents with Drawing Field

Have your signers ever needed to mark up an image or diagram on your agreements? The Drawing Field allows signers to show in pictures rather than explain in words, enabling them to save time and add clarity to your documents. Insurance, construction and healthcare are just some of the industry sectors that find Drawing Field invaluable for marking up agreements which include images. 

Drawing Field is especially helpful in documents such as:

  • Insurance claim forms for an accident
  • Blueprints for any type of home or commercial renovation
  • Medical diagrams to identify injuries or conditions

It’s also incredibly simple and easy to use. Signers simply navigate to the Drawing Field and can either upload an image (photo, PDF, JPEG) or use a diagram in the agreement, choose their color and line thickness and then mark up the image. 

To learn more about the Drawing Field, watch this short video

Get revenue faster with Docusign Payments

Docusign Payments is a quick and friendly way to request payments and signatures in a single step—helping you get paid faster while also providing a seamless experience for your customers. Signers can pay by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or ACH (electronic bank transfer). 

Switching your payment process to Docusign Payments helps you:

  • Get paid instantly and avoid delays in collecting money owed. 
  • Stay secure and compliant with the Payment Card Industry Security Standard (PCI DSS). 
  • Support one-time payments and save signer payment methods for future charges/recurring payments, such as for late fees or monthly memberships. 
  • Deliver a superior customer experience with the ability for your customers to sign and pay on any device anytime, virtually anywhere. 

To learn more about Docusign Payments, see these helpful resources:

Note: Some advanced features and options are supported only in certain Docusign plans. Your account plan might not support some options discussed in this help topic. For more information about your account plan, contact your Account Manager or visit our Contact Support web page for contact options to reach Customer Support.

Protect your agreements with Docusign Monitor

Docusign Monitor provides an additional layer of security to help protect your agreements. 

Monitor includes pre-built and customizable alerts for common types of potentially suspicious activity, and provides round-the-clock tracking of more than 40 events. Docusign’s sophisticated telemetry includes detailed information—like IP address, location and history—to support efficient incident investigation.

Using advanced analytics to track eSignature web, mobile and API account activity across the enterprise, Monitor empowers security teams to:

  • Detect potential threats from outsiders or insiders with rules-based alerts
  • Investigate incidents with ready access to in-depth information
  • Respond to verified threats quickly with decisive action

Monitor also helps identify trends with easy-to-view account activity dashboards, and includes an API which can deliver activity information directly to your existing security software, like Splunk.

Automate post-signature tasks with Agreement Actions

With Agreement Actions, administrators can create agreement rules based on document custom fields, template type or envelope data to automate common post-signature tasks when an envelope is completed. Agreement Actions enables you to automatically trigger actions such as workflows in contract lifecycle management (CLM), exportation of data to spreadsheets or automated storage in Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint.

By utilizing Agreement Actions, administrators can: 

  • Save time: Eliminate manual downstream agreement processes, such as downloading and uploading completed documents into systems of record. With Agreement Actions, admins can automate these actions in bulk, saving valuable time and resources. 
  • Be more organized: Quickly create rules and conditions based on document fields, template type and other metadata to ensure that the right documents are placed in the correct location(s).
  • Increase visibility: Easily export, store and provide access to completed agreements within your preferred system of record. For employees or partners without a Docusign account, Agreement Actions enables admins to easily share completed documents and associated metadata in an externally accessible repository. 
  • Minimize risk: Securely export data, and ensure data is saved properly within your organization’s cloud storage repository. 

Agreement Actions is intuitive and flexible, allowing administrators to quickly create rules and conditions to drive specific post-signature actions. 

Watch our quick video on Agreement Actions to get started. 

Putting IT administrators first

Docusign helps IT administrators to do more, quicker and with less effort. Our eSignature platform offers a wealth of digital solutions—from signing and delivering documents and notifying customers when it’s time to sign to smoothly integrating with Microsoft applications and enabling faster payments, and so much more. Building a better customer experience and being a hero to your organization has never been easier.

You can login to your account to learn more about Docusign capabilities and try out these new features or if you are not yet a customer, sign up for a free trial.