Save Time and Improve Cash Flows with Lease Agreement Templates

As a landlord, you have a lot on your plate. From scheduling ongoing maintenance and repairs to handling emergency fixes and fielding late-night calls from tenants, managing one or multiple properties is tough. You also have to deal with a regular turnover of renters while ensuring you receive rent payments on time to cover all your monthly bills. Cash flow is always top of mind, which is why the ability to efficiently onboard new tenants is so important.

The last thing you need to worry about is getting bogged down in cumbersome, manual paperwork like background checks, lease applications and lease agreements.

Fortunately, today’s landlords can use e-signature for frequently used documents like lease and rental agreements—speeding up the process and eliminating any need to meet with renters in person to capture wet signatures.  But did you know that you can now gain even more efficiency by using easy-to-use, preformatted agreement and form templates, allowing you to manage all your agreement needs electronically, with less stress and no fuss?

How templates work

Sending a single form, like a lease agreement, to one recipient for electronic signature is fairly simple. But for busy professionals that need to send the same or similar documents to multiple recipients on a daily basis, this can be tedious and time-consuming. Worse yet, it opens the door to potentially costly manual data entry errors.

That’s where templates come in. Templates allow users to save and reuse the most common, repeatable information on every document, while including free-form custom fields for the recipient to complete. Whenever you wish to share a document, simply add the recipients’ info and press send. By reusing the roughly 90% of a document that doesn’t vary from one recipient to the next, you save time and effort, while ensuring you can still add, delete or update information as needed depending on the unique circumstances of the transaction.

For example, you may send out lease agreements or policy updates to new tenants once a month, or more frequently depending on the number of properties you manage. How much time do you now spend preparing each document by pre-filling custom fields, entering renter names and addresses, saving to a hard drive, drafting an email, attaching the document and pressing send?

With DocuSign’s pre-designed lease agreement template, all standard language is prefilled, so you simply need to add recipients’ names and email addresses, populated from a file if needed, and press send. The agreement is on its way to one (or a dozen) of your tenants, ready for them to fill in their specific information and add their e-signature. Once the tenant e-signs and submits the form, DocuSign creates a legally admissible record and audit trail, allowing you to meet your specific compliance and retention needs.

Learn more about how templates can streamline your business processes.

Templates designed for landlords and property managers

DocuSign has developed a wealth of customized resources specifically geared toward real estate property managers and landlords. In addition to the lease agreement template, DocuSign maintains a comprehensive library of templates, including the most common documents and agreements landlords use every day, such as:

  • Lease application
  • Credit check authorization
  • Payment collection/auto-debit authorization
  • Reference and background checks
  • Tenant policy and rules acceptance forms

With the convenience of DocuSign templates, you’ll never have to recreate frequently used forms again. This means a better experience for both you and your tenants, and more time for taking care of your properties and your tenants’ needs.

DocuSign Agreement Cloud for property management

DocuSign offers a full suite of services designed specifically for landlords, property management firms and real estate investment trusts (REITs). Through the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, property managers have access to industry-leading functionality like Powerforms which supports digital lease applications that tenants can complete without visiting your office. DocuSign Payments allows you to automatically collect monthly rent and one-time payments like security deposits. DocuSign eSignature also offers over 350 prebuilt integrations into leading platforms like Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Box, Salesforce and industry specific solutions like Intellirent.

Are you ready to give DocuSign templates a try? Start by learning more about DocuSign’s solutions for property management here.

DocuSign eSignature customers, DocuSign CLM customers and anyone with a DocuSign trial account can access DocuSign’s extensive Template Library. If you’re not an existing DocuSign customer, learn more about the Template Library in the DocuSign Community.