DocuSign hits the Salesforce Community at Midwest Dreamin’

Midwest Dreamin’ returns to Chicago for its sixth consecutive year, and what better way to celebrate than have the DocuSign Developer team to join them! This event was the first Salesforce Dreamin' event of its kind. It is an Ohana Community-led conference, organized by some of the Midwest's regional User Group leaders who had a dream to bring a "Super User Group" with marquee-quality speakers to the Midwest for learning and networking.

We are delighted to be a PLATINUM SPONSOR for this amazing event and we cannot wait to speak to all 700 of you! This will not be the first year DocuSign is attending MidWest Dreamin’, but it is the first time since SpringCM joined DocuSign. We will be competing for the coveted #DemoJam trophy, where we will show you all the cool features of DocuSign Gen. Be sure to stop by the demo jam and watch as the amazing Jeff Floro from our DocuSign for Salesforce team wows you!

Got a burning question about what DocuSign for Salesforce can do for you? Or want to learn about how you can customize your DocuSign for Salesforce workflows using our Apex Toolkit? Stop by and chat with us! We have our experts there to help you get the best out of your DocuSign for Salesforce integration.

And if you’re interested in getting DocuSign training or, even better, getting DocuSign-certified, we’ll have a DocuSign Product Trainer to help you get set up with DocuSign University, discover different learning paths, and maybe get you going on DocuSign for Salesforce self-paced courses within the DocuSign University Learning Portal.

As the number one eSignature app on the AppExchange, we’re continuously hard at work to enhance your DocuSign for Salesforce experience. Stop by and chat with us about how you are using DocuSign, how you can get started, and how you can make your processes more efficient. We’re always eager to get fellow devs off on the right foot, so don’t be shy about stopping by and speaking up. Have you deployed something creative using DocuSign? Tell us about it and grab some awesome DocuSign swag!

Until then (and always), we invite you to check out these DocuSign Developer resources:

Lauren Dunn
Lauren Dunne
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