DocuSign for Salesforce Apex Toolkit Now Available

We have exciting news to share – just in time for Dreamforce. We just released our new Apex Toolkit, which lets you easily and quickly develop custom Salesforce solutions that use DocuSign technology like never before.

DocuSign for Salesforce is one of our most popular products, which enables custom, no-code integration between – wait for it – DocuSign and Salesforce. We’ve taken that product to the next level by introducing a preview product, named DocuSign for Salesforce – Core (name subject to change before final release), which works in both Salesforce and Salesforce Essentials.

DocuSign for Salesforce – Core was built on a robust framework that we’re calling the Apex Toolkit. The Apex Toolkit takes care of interfacing with the DocuSign platform and exposes a set of objects, classes, and methods that you can use to highly customize your Salesforce apps and processes with DocuSign. After all, we built DocuSign for Salesforce – Core on the Apex Toolkit, and you can too!

Ready to dive in?

We added a new DocuSign for Salesforce page to our Developer Center, which is dedicated to showing you how to integrate DocuSign into your Salesforce apps and processes. It focuses mainly on the Apex Toolkit (since devs want to code ?). Visit this page to find guides, code examples for common scenarios, an Apex Toolkit reference, and support information. You’ll also find instructions on how to install the managed package and get started.

If you are a developer going to Dreamforce 2018, stop by our booth in the developer forest. We’re at the highest sponsorship level this year (Peta), so you can’t miss us. We can talk all about DocuSign for Salesforce – Core, the Apex Toolkit, or anything else you want to chat about. We’ll also have free DocuSign for Salesforce courses, available from DocuSign University, that you can take when you visit our booth (which also enters you into a raffle for awesome stuff – you won’t want to miss this). We’re also hosting a special “lunch, learn, and build” session, called dev:our. We’ll talk about DocuSign for Salesforce, our new Apex Toolkit, and you can even try it out yourself, but you have to register since space is limited. Find more information about dev:our in this blog post. We also have many speaking sessions at Dreamforce where you can learn more about DocuSign’s technology and strategy. See this blog post for more info on our live sessions at Dreamforce. See you there!

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Tony Mann
Tony Mann
Director of Developer Content