Developer Spotlight: Igor Uzhakov, API Nation

Igor Uzhakov

Igor Uzhakov originally hails from Bakhmut, Ukraine. A graduate of Kharkiv National University of Radio-electronics with a master’s degree in Cyber Security, Igor has been working in the IT field for over 10 years, for companies all over the globe. His journey began as a junior developer and has included time as an instructor and now, since 2018, Chief Technical Officer of API Nation. His focus throughout his career has been projects that can greatly improve business processes using advanced tech.

As the CTO of API Nation, Igor leads an international team of developers building integrations between cloud-based enterprise applications and platforms to help businesses and professionals use their favorite apps together in harmony. His team at API Nation has built many integrations with DocuSign’s APIs. Their most recent DocuSign integration creates DocuSign Rooms for Real Estate workflows using BoomTown CRM. This integration instantly creates a room and adds in all the relevant data from BoomTown, greatly improving accuracy and saving agents hours of manual entry every transaction. Igor and his team have also created DocuSign Rooms integrations for Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Updater, and BrokerSumo.

When he’s not creating new integrations, Igor will pick up a bass, sip some coffee and continue pursuing his newest hobby of sailing. Igor is always glad to connect on LinkedIn.

Inbar Gazit
Inbar Gazit
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