Docusign eSignature is Now a Recommended Google Workspace App

DocuSign eSignature logo and Google Workspace logo

We’re excited to announce that Docusign eSignature has been selected as a Recommended for Google Workspace app!

eSignature for Google Workspace enables our customers to keep agreements moving forward directly from Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs - turning Google Workspace into your approvals hub. The eSignature integration has undergone rigorous security and reliability testing to ensure it’s ready to deploy to any organization, big or small.

Install the unified Docusign eSignature for Google Workspace integration to get the power of the world’s leading e-signature solution when creating agreements in Google Docs, uploading and signing documents from a Gmail email attachment, or saving them “write-back” to Drive.

Upload and sign documents from Gmail

The integration enables you to leverage Docusign eSignature in Gmail. With the Google Workspace integration, you can upload email attachments that require your signature directly to your Docusign account. You no longer have to download email attachments and then upload them - we do all the heavy lifting for you. Once logged into the eSignature integration, simply open the email and the attachment will be automatically imported into Docusign. From there, you’ll add recipients and complete the tagging process.

Learn more about signing documents electronically in Google Docs.

Google Workspace integration with Docusign eSignature

"As a realtor, I review and sign a lot of documents every day. Using Docusign for Google Workspace has been a seamless experience. Rather than saving documents, uploading, signing and then bringing it back to send, I can do it all from Gmail. The migration is simple and everything is automatically sent back to clients. I save 5-10 minutes on every transaction."

- Chris Lopez, Owner and Broker, World Class Properties

Create agreements in Google Docs and action with Docusign eSignature

Collaborate on an agreement in Google Docs and upload to Docusign eSignature to collect signatures. With this eSignature integration, you can easily import an agreement to Docusign to collect signatures and complete fields. Once the agreement is finalized in Google Docs, open the integration from the menu bar in Google Workspace and we’ll automatically upload it. Add recipients from within the integration, then you’ll be directed to Docusign to complete tagging the document. 

Easily import documents from Google Drive to Docusign eSignature

Make Google Workspace your approvals hub by easily collecting signatures with Docusign eSignature directly from Google Drive. Simply open the eSignature integration and select a document from Google Drive. We’ll import it to the integration so you can start adding recipients, placing fields and requesting signatures.

To better improve your experience, we’ve launched  the ability to write-back to Google Drive - allowing you to automatically save completed documents back to Google Drive. This update helps automate manual workflows, further connecting how you collect signatures on important agreements and save them to your existing Google Drive folders.

Learn more about the Docusign eSignature integration for Google Workspace here. Ready to get started? Check out the Docusign eSignature for Google Workspace integration.