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The potential for innovation on the Microsoft Office platform is huge, which is why we are so thrilled to be working with the Office team on their announcement at Microsoft Build 2016. It’s an event that we look forward to each year as we work to integrate more deeply with the Office Platform and deliver new productivity-enhancing features to our users.

Since we first launched our Office add-ins back in 2014, we’ve been continuously working to make them better. As we receive feedback from customers, or as Office releases more API’s, we’re always looking for ways to innovate. And we are super excited about this release, because the latest Office API’s enable some really cool ways to make our add-ins smarter than ever before.

At Build we worked closely with the Office team to showcase the vision for how we will be leveraging the new APIs in the next iteration of our apps. So what does this look like?

It’s the last day of the quarter and you’ve just closed the big deal you’ve been working on for weeks. All you have to do now is fill out the order form and send to the new guy on the Rev Ops team to review and sign off, and you’ve met your quota for the year!

You select the order form from Microsoft OneDrive (which uses the OneDrive file picker API) and prepare to send off to Rev Ops. What was that new guy’s name again? Steve? Stuart?

Ah, yes! It’s Stan Lee. DocuSign is smart enough to suggest some names, despite my terrible spelling.

Oh no. What’s this? An OOF message?! (another new API) … You didn’t even think vacation on the last day of Q4 was possible. Luckily Stan has placed a secondary contact for urgent matters – Ivan Sotlev.

You can now easily change the recipient by clicking on Ivan’s name in the OOF message.

Now you’re ready to send and can feel confident that your order form will be reviewed and approved in a timely matter. And more importantly, you’re ready for your own vacation after meeting your quota and closing the quarter!

Swing by our kiosk at Build to learn more or visit the Office Store to download DocuSign for Microsoft today.

Want to see a live stream of Microsoft Build 2016? Right here.