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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the DocuSign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of February 2024. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.

Thread: How to update recipients of already sent DocuSign envelope?

Summary: The developer is using the DocuSign eSignature Java SDK and they are attempting to modify the email address of one of the recipients in an envelope that was already sent. They are not sure how to accomplish this. 


If an envelope has already been sent, it has to be corrected to make any modifications. That means the envelope has to first be locked, then modified, then unlocked again. The system will not allow you to modify an envelope after it was sent if it’s not locked, because that can lead to race conditions if recipients are trying to complete this envelope.

The Java code to modify a recipient was provided by another DocuSign community member on Stack Overflow:

EnvelopesApi envelopesApi = new EnvelopesApi();
// pass the docuSign account ID and envelope ID
String docuSignAccountId = "your_account_id";
String envelopeId = "your_envelope_id";
Envelope envelope = new Envelope();
envelope.setEmailSubject("Updated Subject"); //you can alsoUpdate the email subject
envelope.getRecipients().getSigners().get(0).setEmail("");   // <-- here update the recipient email
 // update the envelope using the EnvelopesApi
RecipientsUpdateSummary recipientsUpdateSummary = envelopesApi.updateRecipients(docuSignAccountId, envelopeId, envelope.getRecipients());
// let the if else heandel error
if (recipientsUpdateSummary.getRecipientUpdateResults().get(0).getErrorDetails() != null) {          
} else {
//email updated successfully

Thread: How to get the list of envelopes from a DocuSign account?

Summary: The developer is unsure how to get the list of envelopes for a specific account, they tried several (wrong) endpoints and were unable to do so. 

Answer: The correct endpoint to use to obtain the list of envelopes from an account has the unintuitive name listStatusChanges. This endpoint has many options to enable filtering of the list of envelopes as well as determine what data you get for each envelope. Note that it is limited to returning 1,000 envelopes at a time, and if you have more than that, you’ll have to make subsequent calls (paging) to get all the envelopes. We provide a code example that shows how to use this endpoint on Dev Center and in eight languages on GitHub. 

Thread: I have some confusion regarding DocuSign's Powerform integration into the website

Summary: The developer is interested in using PowerForms: they had some questions about price and plans, but also wanted to know how to redirect the user back to their website after they complete signing the PowerForm. 

Answer: PowerForms are useful when you don't want to write any code to integrate DocuSign into your website. They are a quick way to gather signatures if you don't know who is going to sign. They do have a bunch of limitations: one of them is that you can't really customize the experience for your users. PowerForms come with the Business Pro Plan and above.

Using Embedded Signing and Focused View enables you to have more control and a smoother experience, and the ability to either redirect after the user signs, or not even leave your site, so you just use a JavaScript event that calls your code to update the page however you like after the user has signed.

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