Postman names Docusign eSignature REST API among its top APIs for 2023

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Docusign is pleased to announce that our eSignature REST API has been named in Postman’s annual list of most popular APIs for 2023. Postman curates this list every year, based on the quality and usage of each of the APIs on its platform. Docusign shares this honor for 2023 with many of the most well-known APIs in the software development world, including Salesforce, Twitter, Slack, PayPal, and Google Maps

Docusign has earned this honor by providing by far the leading API in the eSignature development space. With over 400 endpoints enabling more functions for sending documents, incorporating data, templatizing documents, managing users, creating complex routing rules, extracting data from completed documents, and support for nearly every conceivable eSignature use case, the Docusign eSignature REST API offers functionality and customization to the integration developer far beyond its competition. This has made Docusign the leading integrated eSignature technology, with connectors for virtually every major application platform and thousands of integrations deployed in the field. 

The Docusign API Postman collections enable developers to use API calls from eSignature and other Docusign REST APIs from Postman, sending requests and parsing the API responses. The eSignature collection includes a complete set of endpoints, with request properties provided in each request body.

For help getting started with the Docusign Postman collections, check out this video.

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Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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