Introducing Recipient Connect

Webhooks for inbound Docusign transactions

Over the past decade, Docusign Connect has helped hundreds of thousands of customers automate their transactions by using webhooks to build sender-side applications to drive reporting or workflows specific to their organization’s needs.

With more and more users joining the Docusign Agreement Cloud, companies are starting to collaborate with other organizations, whether it be their customers or partners, to send them Docusign envelopes. With that comes the need to automate and control incoming agreements; for example, saving a document automatically once signed as a recipient.

What is Docusign Connect?

Connect is a webhook push service that sends real‐time envelope data updates to listener applications. With Connect, customers can automatically push envelope documents, Certificates of Completion, metadata, and document data to store in backend systems such as Salesforce, OneDrive, homegrown tools, and others. Customers can create multiple Connect configurations, each with different events or users, and set up listeners to monitor those configurations, but until now this has been limited to senders

How does Recipient Connect apply?

Recipient Connect offers the same type of push service, but the push events are triggered by inbound envelope activities. In other words, it includes envelope activity for transactions where the customer is not the sender. This means that events are pushed for recipient activity (signers or CC) within the account, allowing the customer to retrieve and store documents and data for those envelopes. 

This opens up a completely new signer-side ecosystem for customers and partners to build applications on this new service. 

Using Recipient Connect, you can:

  1. Generate event notifications on envelopes received by your employees, whether they are signers or CC recipients.
  2. Eliminate the need for excessive polling of received envelopes. This saves costly API calls and alleviates resource limitations.
  3. Automate workflows from incoming event statuses and envelope data details to kick off internal processes, monitor inbound envelopes, and archive documents. 

Here’s a graphic that shows the process from start to finish. In this example, the Receiving Organization is using Recipient Connect to let their application know when a user within their company has been sent a Docusign Envelope.

Complete envelope workflow using Recipient Connect

Now you can transform your business processes through a multi- webhook approach. Recipient Connect brings the other half (signers/cc’s) of the Docusign transaction into full view. By powering your application with Sender + Recipient Connect, you open up a constant data sync with endless signer-side possibilities.

Recipient Connect will be rolled out slowly by the end of year. To get started before then, Request Early Access.  

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Alan Roza
Alan Roza
Product Manager