Docusign Signature Appliance to be retired July 2023

Docusign has announced the End of Life for the Docusign Signature Appliance (DSA) to be July 31, 2023.

Docusign offers a variety of solutions that provide functionality similar to the DSA. These solutions will be offered to customers as an alternative to DSA. 

The main solution is a new offering by Docusign called the Core Signing Engine (CSE) , which is an internal component of the Docusign Agreement Cloud. Docusign CSE will eventually be the digital signature provider for all the types of digital signatures offered by Docusign. 

One of the advantages offered by Docusign CSE is extending single sign-on (SSO) to enable organizations to digitally sign envelopes by relying on the organization’s own identity management and authentication infrastructure. 

What is DSA?

The Docusign Signature Appliance (DSA) is a secure computing device, installed on premise, that enables organizations to incorporate digital signatures in documents without relying on accessing the internet. Together with additional software components such as the DSA SharePoint Connector, DSA Web App, and the DSA Client, DSA enables organizations to digitally sign PDF, Word, and Excel documents as part of their regularly used applications. The appliance is a certified component according to standards defined by  eIDAS, Common Criteria, and NIST.

Why is Docusign ending sales and support of DSA?

Docusign is offering a full set of products to enable customers to digitally sign documents. The products integrate better with Docusign eSignature and the Docusign Agreement Cloud. The DSA expert team will work closely with each customer to provide guidance on the steps involved to move to alternate solutions. This includes the following:  

  • Customers using DSA SharePoint on premises will move to Docusign SharePoint Connectors
  • Customers using the DSA solution for TSPs will move to using the soon-to-be-released Docusign QSCD for TSPs
  • Customers using the DSA APIs will move to Docusign APIs

In addition, the operating system that DSA is built on (Microsoft Embedded Standard 8) will no longer be supported by Microsoft beyond July 2023. Microsoft will not provide Extended Security updates.

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