Developer Spotlight: Noah Wilson, Gavel

Spotlight Developer, Noah Wilson

After graduating from the University of Washington, Noah Wilson jumped into the tech industry at Zillow, working on the 3D Home team. Several years later he moved to Convoy, where he built data ingestion pipelines for the spot bidding business. Noah now works at Gavel, where he helps build a document automation platform and works to further Gavel's mission to make access to the law universal.

Gavel provides attorneys and law firms an intuitive, customizable automation infrastructure to streamline operations, save time, and serve more clients. Legal professionals use the platform to build workflows, which can then be executed as a questionnaire, which in turn generates a set of documents. Gavel customers generate thousands of documents per day, many of which need to be sent for eSignature. However, this process was heavily manual, as customers had to gather generated documents and send them for eSignature outside of the platform.

To solve this, Noah led a project to integrate Gavel with Docusign. The workflow builder can specify recipients, including their order and role, taking advantage of Gavel's platform to make these dynamic. When the questionnaire taker finishes generating documents, they can then click a button to create and send the envelope for remote signing. Customers are already using the integration, reducing manual processes and enabling them to serve their own customers more efficiently.

Outside of work, Noah enjoys cooking, going for walks, and playing video games. You can reach Noah on LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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