Developer Spotlight: Moya Goleski, Magentrix

Spotlight Developer, Moya Goleski

Moya Goleski’s career is the result of a long-term interest in bringing design and technology together in her work. Beginning with her degrees in Contemporary Web Design and Computer Programming from Durham College, Moya launched her career with Magentrix over two years ago as a member of the Professional Services team. She thrives in the Magentrix environment, which fosters growth and innovation, and which continues to provide a rewarding experience. 

Magentrix, a Docusign partner, offers a platform that enables businesses to create customized portals that enable them to collaborate efficiently with their customers and partners. Magentrix wanted a Docusign integration that enabled their customers to automate their partner agreement eSignature process with flexibility and end-to-end partner engagement. Magentrix customers were looking for a way to automate their workflow for their terms & conditions and partner agreements, tracking the status of agreements, and downloading final, signed agreements. Moya was tasked with making this happen. 

Magentrix’s Docusign solution enables Magentrix partners to send agreements for electronic signing in Docusign envelopes, either via email or via embedded signing in the Magentrix product: the Journey Tracker includes a step for signing partner agreements and terms & conditions documents. Moya’s work included eSignature APIs to create, send, and update envelopes, get data from document fields and map it to Magentrix data, use templates to create envelopes, and update the status of agreements through Docusign Connect webhooks. The result redefines how customers interact with their partners and makes the partner experience easier. 

Away from work, Moya enjoys reading, baking, playing video games, and spending time outside—whether it's gardening or going for walks. You can reach Moya on LinkedIn.

Matt Lusher
Matthew Lusher
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