Developer Spotlight: Daniel (Yoshi) Meschiany, Adaptive Shield

Spotlight Developer, Daniel (Yoshi) Meschiany

Daniel (Yoshi) Meschiany began his professional career as a developer and information security officer during his six years of military service as a lieutenant in the IDF Intelligence Corps. After completing his service, Daniel moved to the private sector, where he was responsible for information security in Discount Bank’s capital market and dealing rooms system. From there, he joined as head of integrations before arriving at Adaptive Shield in 2020, where he continues to lead his team in the field of integrations and SaaS security.

Adaptive Shield secures SaaS applications such as Docusign. It automatically reviews and monitors application configurations, application users, and other elements that impact SaaS security to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the sensitive legal content contained in Docusign documents.

Daniel leads Adaptive Shield’s team in developing secure protocols for Docusign. Under his leadership, the team develops, investigates and maps configuration settings to prioritize them based on risk level. Organizations that monitor Docusign using Adaptive Shield’s SSPM receive a posture score for the application and are alerted whenever settings are changed that weaken the application’s posture.

When Daniel isn’t busy securing the SaaS world, he enjoys skiing down snow-covered mountains with his wife and two amazing daughters. You can connect with Daniel on LinkedIn.

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Matthew Lusher
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