CLM API: First steps and go-live

The Docusign CLM API enables customers to interact with CLM documents, data and services. As with any Docusign API, your development journey starts with creating a developer account. Your development process will also include the go-live process to move your integration from the development environment into the production environment when ready. Here are a few more details on what these steps look like for CLM API:

Docusign developer account

To get started, you can reach out to the Docusign Sales team to request a Docusign CLM developer account. The Docusign Sales team will provision a Docusign CLM developer account that can be used for CLM API development.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a developer account. You can then create an integration key on the Apps and Keys page in that Docusign developer account to get started with building your integration.

Go-live review for CLM API

After developing your integration using your developer account, you’ll go through the go-live process to move your integration into the production environment. At this point, you should have a production account to which you are promoting your integration key. If you do not have a Docusign CLM production account, please contact the Docusign Sales team to purchase a paid account.

Submitting an integration for go-live review

The first phase of the go-live process is a review of a few requirements that must be met before an integration can move into production, such as the requirement for your CLM API integration to use OAuth 2.0. 

This review is automated for a few of our APIs, such as the eSign API, but it is currently a manual review process for the CLM API. After making the required 20+ successful OAuth and/or CLM API calls using your integration key, you can then create a case with Docusign Support, who can help trigger the manual go-live process. Docusign support cases can be opened by logging into the Support Center using your existing production account credentials. The request should be coming from a user who is an administrator on both the developer and production accounts.

Processing the go-live request

After you create your support case, the Docusign Support team will file a manual go-live request. Manual go-live requests can take 24-48 business hours or more. Once the manual go-live process is complete, the integration will be moved to the production environment.

Post go-live

Now that your integration key is live in the production environment, you’ll need to migrate all of your settings, configurations, and endpoint mappings to the production environment to successfully complete the go-live process. Review the After Go-Live Checklist for additional details.

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Andy Singh
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